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DTU and Business

Special Seminar for DTU I/T Students.

On September 15th, 2010, the DTU International School, the Faculty of Information Technology, the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications in association with ASUS Vietnam organized a seminar to present new I/T technologies and some programs to teach soft skills and leadership skills to DTU students.

Participants included representatives from ASUS Vietnam, Dean of DTU Departments and DTU students. At the seminar, representatives of ASUS presented the latest advances in I/T, to allow students to understand how the I/T industry was developing.

ASUS experts demonstrated of their technologies and applications, such as their new mother board and compression techniques.

At the seminar, the “CEO” software system of ASUS was demonstrated. It is a distance-learning application which focuses on improving communication skills, handling unexpected situations at work, management skills, English communication skills and other soft skills.

The aim of this seminar was to help DTU students to learn more in preparation for the workplace.

ASUS Vietnam will offer a special discount for students who purchase ASUS computers and equipment.