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Job’s consulting and recruiting day 2009

The end of May is the time for students to take part in the program called “Job Consulting Day” hold by DTU associated with The Labor Press in Danang City.

This is the forth time that Job Promoting Center of DTU collaborated with The Labor Press to hold this program. In the last times, the program drew the attraction of 150 enterprises and over 2,000 students were interviewed directly by them. This non-profitable social program has been aimed not only for graduates to get useful knowledge but also for enterprises to recruit the appropriate students to work for them.

There were more than 50 enterprises joined the program this year. The program also attracted about 10,000 DTU’s students who wanted to have a full time job or a part time job in this summer.

In the program, besides the interviews with the enterprises, students also had chance to meet and exchange experience with consultants as well as the alumni.

President Le Cong Co said: “Besides the relationships with many enterprises to help DTU’s graduates find a job, since 15th September 2006 to 14th May 2009, the supporting program for undergraduate to have a part time job also has achieved remarkable results”.

The “Job Consulting and Recruiting Day” program offered opportunities for graduates to exchange knowledge as well as experience in finding themselves a job with their abilities. This was also a good chance to develop the firm relationships between DTU and many enterprises in the Central of Vietnam.

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