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External evaluation at Duy Tan University

On April 9th 2009, a delegation of external evaluation and the consulting teams from IIG Vietnam, CQAIE Vietnam and CQAIE America paid a visit to Duy Tan to conduct a preliminary survey as part of a project organized by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET).

Heading the evaluation was Mr Tran Van Chinh, Dr.Marjolin Peace Lenn, Chairman of CQAIE America, Mr. Ton That Duy, IIG Exper and Ms.Le Phuong Nhung, the Coordinator. From Duy Tan University were Mr. Le Cong Co, from the Board of Management and Acting Rector, Mr. Le Nguyen Bao, Vice Rector, Mr. Vo Thanh Hai, Vice Rector, and deans of faculties, heads of departments and members of Duy Tan University’s evaluation board.

Firstly, Dr.Lenn expressed her strong appreciation of Duy Tan University’s preparatory work and congratulated Duy Tan on beng one of the first Vietnamese universities to be selected to receive an external MOET evaluation. Then she overviewed the MOET University Quality Verification process and announced the result of Duy Tan’s self- assessment.

Then they discussed and reviewed the plan for the DTU evaluation. The survey would for the four days of April 27th, 28th, 29th and May 2nd 2009. In order to ensure the process could proceed as planned, the delegation requested that Duy Tan University prepare everything well in advance.

Finally, on behalf of the DTU Management Board, Mr. Le Cong Co pledged to his best to meet the delegation’s requirements and assigned Mr. Nguyen Thanh Trung as his coordinator.

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