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DTU Conference on Water Resource Protection

In conjunction with Danang Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, Duy Tan University organized a conference on September 5th 2009 themed “The Protection of Water Resources in Danang”, with the objective of accelerating natural resource protection, especially of our water supplies.  

The Joint Chairmen of the conference were Mr. Le Cong Co, the Acting Rector of DTU and Mr. Nguyen Dieu, Manager of the Danang Department of Natural Resources & the Environment. Many other departmental scientists from Danang and Quang Nam Province attended, together with Professors from institutions in Danang and hundreds of DTU students.

In his speech, Mr. Tran Van Minh said that water pollution is becoming an urgent problem in Danang. Prior to the conference, he had requested the scientists to propose specific solutions. He also suggested that “the universities need to give more consideration to the environment and initiate research that will positively contribute to the future socio-economic development of the city.”

Over twenty reports were delivered to the board, six of which were presented at the conference. Professor Nguyen The Hung of the University of Danang received particular attention with his report entitled “Some Challenges that Danang will Face in the Future.”  Other reports included: “Wastewater from of Danang Industrial Zones : The Problem and a Solution”  by Dr. Huynh Ngoc Thach, the Former Deputy Manager General of the Danang Investment Development & Engineering Consultancy Company and “The issue of the Exploitation and Management of Danang Groundwater Resources”  by Dr. Do Van Binh, from the Hanoi University of Mining and Geology suggested that there were indeed some feasible ways of protecting the water resources which would provide a strong impetus to sustain growth in our city.

At the end the conference, on behalf of Duy Tan University, Mr. Le Cong Co pledged to set up a task force to clean up some of the city and to build a research vessel for environmental studies and to prevent pollution of the Han River. He emphasized that: “In the development of Danang into a green, clean and beautiful city, each step must consider the environmental implications. So, every member of the DTU community must strive to become an environment propagandist”.

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