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The “Hue, the Immortal Years” Launch

On August 14, “Hue, the Immortal Years”, an historic collection of fifty essays, written by political and military activists, members of the Peoples’ Movement, intellectuals, artists, youths, and students, was formally launched at DTU.
“Hue, the Immortal Years” focuses on their experiences in Hue between 1954 and 1975, especially from 1963 to 1975. 
Ra m?t sách 'Hu?, nh?ng nam tháng s?ng mãi'
Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU Chairman, gives the books to participants in the patriotic movement (Photo: Thanh Tran)
According to Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, “Hue, the Immortal Years” can be considered a collection of memoirs depicting the social context and aspirations in the struggle for Hue. 
Ra m?t sách 'Hu?, nh?ng nam tháng s?ng mãi'
“Hue, the Immortal Years” has 787 pages
Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co emphasized that the anti-US movement of the people, and especially of youths and students in Hue, deserves a memorial monument. "It’s been written for the generation of the heroic people of Hue who participated in the resistance against the US in South Vietnam until 1975. If we hadn’t published this book, it would have been a disservice to history and future generations.” 
Ra m?t sách 'Hu?, nh?ng nam tháng s?ng mãi'
A reunion of the generation that lived and fought there before 1975
“Hue, the Immortal Years” has 787 pages. 500 copies have been printed in the first edition. The book reviews traditions, analyzes and evaluates the contributions of previous generations to our independence and teaches younger generations to love their Fatherland, encouraging them all to develop their talents and dedicate themselves to their country.
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