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Special Musical Poetry Night for Hero of Labor Le Cong Co

Hero of Labor and Meritorious Teacher Le Cong Co was born in Quang Nam, committed his youth to the struggle for liberation and is renowned as a soldier who gave all he could to the Revolution. After the war, he became a teacher who has dedicated himself ever since to the cause of education in Vietnam. From the age of 52, he created and developed Duy Tan University and is now Chairman of the Board of Trustees. 
On November 28th, a Musical Poetry Night was held in gratitude of Professor Co’s consistent hard work and to celebrate his 81st birthday. The event was attended by many of his companions, friends, staff and lecturers who have always been living and working alongside him.
Ðêm Tho nh?c Ð?c bi?t g?i t?ng Ngu?i d?c bi?t - Anh hùng Lao d?ng Lê Công Co
Provost Le Nguyen Bao and Vice-Provost Le Nguyen Tue Hang present flowers to Professor Co
For many years, Professor Co was active in the Revolution and, when the war ended, he drew on his memories to compose beautiful poems about his homeland, including Thang Dang Nguoi, in 2006, and Nam Thang Tinh Nguoi in 2015. These poems portrayed his earnest affection for his homeland and his country, and his ardent desire to serve the people. Although still busy running the university, Professor Co finds time to develop the DTU “Bookcase of Traditions”, to display his works to current and future students, in order to nurture and maintain their drive and passion and to diligently pursue their education for the good of themselves and their country.
Ðêm Tho nh?c Ð?c bi?t g?i t?ng Ngu?i d?c bi?t - Anh hùng Lao d?ng Lê Công Co
Hero of Labor and Meritorious Teacher Le Cong Co shares his melancholy at the poetry night
Throughout the evening, the lines of Professor Co’s poems resounded, notably the ideas in Vietnam-Vietnam, a comprehensive expression of his feelings and thoughts, which was delivered by Dinh Trung. Then, Que Huong Oi, written on April 30, 1975,  was presented in the touching, clear voices of Meritorious Artist Thanh Loan and Dinh Trung.
Professor Co’s poetry is a perspective of a soul full of concerns, expressing the idea that Vietnam, which suffered great losses and sacrifices in war, is now suffering from the pandemic but, above all, still demonstrates the country’s strong will and thirst for peace. His poem Khat Vong Vietnam, composed in September 2021, most clearly reveals his poetic soul. The poem was reread as a reminder of the heroic feats of our forefathers and the worries and concerns of a developing country.
 AHLÐ.NGUT. Lê Công Co bùi ngùi chia s? c?m xúc
Meritorious Teacher Le Cong Co’s friends give him a cake and sing on his birthday
After a night full of poetry and emotion, Hero of Labor and Meritorious Teacher Le Cong Co shared his feelings of melancholy, joy, and happiness for being able to celebrate his birthday with family, friends and colleagues. “I grew up with the support of the Revolution, the Party, and the people, so I always feel I should repay them,” he emphasized. “Looking back on the 28 years of my work developing of DTU, I have no regrets about my fatherland, my origins, my family or  friends. My only wish is to live another ten years to witness the changes and future development at DTU.”
The poetry night closed with happy birthdays and fresh flower bouquets from staff, lecturers and students from the entire university. The most memorable moment of all occurred when Professor Co received a cake and warm affection from the same companions he stood beside in Hue during the Revolution.
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