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Vietnam’s Aspirations and the Heart of DTU’s Founder

A love for the land of one’s birth is a never-ending source of poetry running through Vietnamese literature. Each poet has their own way of expressing their feelings for their native soil. Significantly, among the myriad of voices singing the praises of Vietnam, we find the poetry of Hero of Labor and Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, the founder of DTU.
“Khát v?ng Vi?t Nam” và T?m lòng c?a Ngu?i sáng l?p
Hero of Labor and Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, Chairman of the DTU Board of Trustees
The poetic soul is filled with thoughts and worries, an image of Vietnam in times past is one of losses and sacrifices in war. Now, as we suffer more hardship and pain due to disease, the poetry still shines bright with strength of will and a thirst for peace and happiness. The poem Vietnam’s Aspirations, composed in September 2021, is one of the poems most clearly portraying the poetic soul. 
In Vietnam’s Aspirations, each poetic idea contains the image of a son proud of his father’s heroic war deeds; pride in a country where the people, despite poverty and famine, have the determination to defeat enemies from the North and West to maintain a fatherland in peace, Now, after years of fierce war, after the pain of rivers of blood, of crushed homes and scattered families, this poem still keeps our hearts open to strive for peace in harmony with all the other nations around the world, show our kindness and join hands.
Vietnam’s Aspirations, recited by Ngoc Sang
Vietnam’s Aspirations does not stop at reminding us of our pride in our forefather’s heroic war deeds. It also shields us from our concerns and misgivings about our country’s development today. These are not only the worries of an individual with a sense of responsibility, but also represent the concerns of a generation who sacrificed their best years for their country. And, more importantly, it delivers a message and reminder to the current generation.
The author expounds on the worries of a nation in the context of global turmoil, and the Covid pandemic is a recent example which has just turned our lives upside-down. Covid has presented humankind with innumerable contemporary questions, which cannot be answered in a day or two. However, the crisis is also a wake-up call, forcing us to realize that only with a heart and an increased self-consciousness centered on the community can we undo the calamities caused by greed and hubris and bring the entire world back to peace and happiness.
Finally, above all, we find an unwavering belief in the future, as the poet continues to believe in the immutable humanist values of the people, with their indomitable and resilient will and boundless tolerance. These values have been strengthened through thousands of years of nation-building and national protection, which will allow us to overcome the current turmoil and reach out for the future.
Hero of Labor and Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co dedicates this poem to the university to which he devoted his entire life. To compose a poem with so many layers of meaning requires an ardent patriot, scarred by fire and bombs, who has dedicated his life to the glorious mission of rebuilding a nation. The poem sends us a powerful message of unity, solidarity and working together to overcome this new catastrophe.
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