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The “Nam Thang Dang Nguoi” Memoir Passes the Flame of Passion to Many Younger Generations

The memoir “Nam Thang Dang Nguoi” portrays the unforgettable memories of a young man who sacrificed the springtime of his life to the liberation movement of Central Vietnam before the war ended in 1975. The book is full of emotion and desire, authored by our Hero of Labor, Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, the esteemed “Captain” of Duy Tan University.  
Hero of Labor and Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” 
The memoir tells the story of a young boy born to a poor family in Giang La village, in the Dien Ban district of Quang Nam province. During his childhood, he had to try his best to overcome many challenges and moved to Danang to make a living and pay for an education. Later, on graduation from high school in Saigon, the energetic young man went to Hue University, renowned as the threshold of a successful future. However, he then decided to postpone his studies and answer the call to the battlefield to defend the Fatherland.
Throughout the story, readers can clearly visualize how the previous generation fought for our nation’s independence. The book describes the noble sacrifices and unprecedented hardships in the Truong Son mountains, memorable meetings, with touching stories of soldiers, relatives, friends and others, carefully scripted by the author, with passion, deep gratitude and unique accounts. 
The memoir “Nam Thang Dang Nguoi”passes the flame of passion to many younger generations
The memoir also reveals failures, betrayals and the inevitable horrors of the fierce war. It consists of five parts; Early Life, Commitment; In the Typhoon; Growing up in Blood and Fire; and Hue, Spring of Songs of Triumph, voicing the recollections of one of the millions of young people who chose to follow the sacred call of the Fatherland. 
The flame of passion to many younger generations
The memoir of 400 pages also describes a young man’s concern and gratitude for the “mighty university that is working for the People’s Revolution”. When peace returned, with his sustained efforts, Teacher Le Cong Co and his colleagues helped educate younger generations of students about the history of the war and the passion for study. 
The memoir takes the reader’s breath away, reliving the flaming battles and the readiness of the author and his counterparts to sacrifice their lives when necessary. In doing so, he is encouraging younger generations to remember and respond to their nation’s current demands, even though they have never experienced war themselves. 
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