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2021 Lunar New Year of the Ox Wishes from the Chairman of the DTU Board of Trustees

Dear DTU staff, lecturers, employees and students:
We have left the year of the Rat behind, when the world went through 384 days of turmoil, with a pandemic, natural disasters, division and conflict.
Thu chúc T?t Tân S?u 2021 c?a Ch? t?ch H?i d?ng tru?ng,  tru?ng Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
Distinguished Teacher and Hero of Labor Le Cong Co
DTU was not spared a ride on this harsh rollercoaster. In the past 26 years, we never had to suspend in-class lecturing for three months. Conferences and workshops had to be canceled and the collection of tuition fees was held up, causing big problems in university operations. However, despite the unavoidable circumstances, DTU lecturers and students still found a way to continue their lecturing and studying, thanks to the university-wide implementation of online classes. 
Moreover, in overcoming all difficulties, research activity at DTU achieved even further success. Six DTU scientists were ranked among the world’s hundred thousand most influential. 2020 also marked an important milestone on the emergence of DTU internationally and the university was ranked one hundred places higher by QS Asia than 2019, in the 351-400 range of leading Asian universities, Also, in spite of a citywide lockdown due to the pandemic and followed by successive storms and floods, enrollment still met our targets. This is clear evidence of the trust the community has placed in a DTU education, which we have been steadily cultivating over the years. 
These achievements motivate us at the helm of DTU to keeping up our resolve to establish a new management model for schools and institutes. In 2020, five training schools and two research and training institutes were founded as part of the transformation of DTU into a modern university system. We are proud of these successes which all stem from the hard efforts of all our staff, lecturers, employees and students, and the support of all parents, the government, businesses, and Vietnamese and international partners worldwide.
The road ahead promises more obstacles, because we are establishing a completely new operating model. However, if we introspectively look for our flaws and continue to learn the direction the world is moving in, we will reinvent ourselves and succeed for sure.
A new Spring brings a lot of new hope. Joyfully welcoming the successful 13th National Party Congress, full of innovation and invention, we believe that, based on a communal spirit of seeing-feeling-changing, DTU will continue overcoming all difficulties and continue to achieve great success in the future.
At Tet, marking the start of the year of the Ox 2021, I wish all staff, lecturers, employees, and students currently or previously working or studying at our university and their families good health, happiness and success. 
Have a very peaceful and prosperous new year.
Chairman of the DTU Board of Trustees
Distinguished Teacher and Hero of Labor Le Cong Co
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