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Letter from University Chairman


To parents, students, staff, lecturers and other DTU employees
Ladies and gentlemen
The pandemic came suddenly, in only a short time it spread widely and claimed a great many lives. The World Health Organization (WHO) had to declare a global emergency. Many countries have decided to close their borders and great turmoil and stagnation have manifested themselves in every aspect of most countries’ socioeconomic lives.
Le Cong Co
Distinguished Teacher and Hero of Labor, Le Cong Co
In Vietnam, we have never witnessed a pandemic having such a large impact on our country. Universities are closed, airlines have cancelled their flights, many businesses operate partially and sluggish trade is causing complete disarray in people’s lives.
In this general context, the past sixty days have been truly difficult for DTU. Students have had to stay at home, education has been curtailed, conferences and workshops put on hold and income from tuition fees has dwindled, which has already caused huge repercussions on the activities of our university.
Esteemed parents
None of us ever thought there would be a time when our school would need to close down for several months to prevent disease. Now, however, we must deal with it. First of all, in the name of the university, I want to thank you from the depth of my heart for your understanding, for your sympathy and for sharing our burden in these difficult times. The course of development of the disease is unpredictable and it is not yet possible to know when the situation will be resolved. Therefore, we hope that you can help us to keep up our spirits to continue our work in the days ahead.
Ladies and gentlemen, the disease forces our students to stay at home, something nobody desires. But this is also an opportunity for us to spend more time with them. It is a chance to instill in our children the mindset and skills to face and overcome adversity in general. It is a chance to teach them humane values in times of danger and hardship. Then we can join hands to foster future generations.
Beloved students
The deserted university is decidedly making you very sad, like a house all the young people have left! But, for everyone’s safety and health, we must accept this state of affairs. The recently synchronized Sakai and Zoom online lessons resulted from a huge effort by the university to overcome interminable difficulties. Initially, teaching methods have truly transcended above the traditional space of the classroom. I hope that you can turn these challenges into opportunities to practice important skills, the skills of self-study, of research, of concentration, and of coming together to work in groups. Adversity will not force us to retreat. Having overcome adversity, we will be become even more mature.
On this occasion, I would also like to give Health Science students some advice. Dear students, your future profession is one of the noblest, directly interconnected with our daily lives. This is why people in your profession need to be bold. After you graduate and become doctors, pharmacists and nurses, if you do not dare to take a stand against disease, what will good will be of the lives of those around us? Just look at the medical staff in Wuhan, who fought and won, to clearly prove to the necessity to be bold in this profession. Next week, several programs in Health Sciences will resume. I hope that you can bring this spirit to our university. Those who understand disease best must be the spiritual pillar for others can lean on. Your lecturers have complete confidence in you.
Dear colleagues
Twenty-five years ago, DTU overcame unending challenges. Some of these challenges looked insurmountable at that time but in the end we conquered them together. More than anyone, we understand the difficulties we are facing now. And also, more than anyone, we know that, without solidarity, understanding and sharing, things will only become worse. Friends! Right now, I hope that we will do all we can for our students. Right now, your effort is not just a mere duty anymore, it has now actually become a “command from the heart”. The university will do all it can to ensure stable lives and peace of mind for all its staff, lecturers and employees. This difficulty is only transitory. Solidarity and sharing will be the most efficient “vaccine” to overcome disease and hardship.
Ladies and gentlemen
We, citizens of the nation of “the Bronze Fortress in the Land of Iron”, will be strengthened in the future by today’s challenges! We all believe that, with the government’s timely, appropriate and humane leadership and the calm, acumen and hard work of all, the disease will quickly be pushed back. We must stand together to overcome this difficulty and to decisively march forward to meet the university’s objectives for 2020.
My sincerest thanks, 
Distinguished Teacher and Hero of Labor Le Cong Co
DTU Chairman
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