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Duy Tan Dream

Duy Tan – Aspirations for Reform

Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co has often said that “Duy Tan is innovation, inspired by the reformist Duy Tan movement of old and aspirations to innovate today, to adapt to the unending development of our nation.” 
Ð?i h?c Tu th?c d?u tiên c?a Mi?n trung dón nh?n Huân chuong Lao d?ng h?ng Nh?t
DTU confers a first class Labor Medal on its 25th anniversary. 
Over the last 25 years, DTU has developed into the strong university it is now. Initially it was authorized to enroll only 550 students for four majors, but now admits 5,500 students a year into 28 majors and 44 minors. At the beginning only undergraduate courses were allowed, but since 2009 DTU has offered postgraduate education in Business Administration, Information Technology and Accounting. 
At the same time, the number of staff, lecturers and other employees has grown from a few dozen to 1,208 today. Among the 814 lecturers with tenure, 207, or 25%, hold PhDs or professorial titles. 
DTU has steadily been improving education quality by establishing long-term collaborations with 250 businesses in the Central Region, providing employment for 70,000 students. DTU’s motto is “We Do Everything for Student Rights and Future Careers” and has matured into a brand trusted by parents, students, the government, business and foreign partners alike.
Ten years ago, during one of his teaching trips to DTU, Professor Don Marinelli, Director of the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University, commented that the university has confidently invested and worked hard to achieve international standards. 
The breakthrough that DTU has made in its international partnerships with big US universities highlights the success of the university. First came Carnegie Mellon University, one of the four leading IT universities in the US, followed by Penn State, Cal State and Purdue universities. They share 14 advanced programs with DTU, and lecturers have traveled to the US on 400 visits for training, which has dramatically upgraded the standard of international education at the university. DTU has since become the first Vietnamese private university to join CDIO, in addition to the HCMC National University.
Successful partnerships with ASEAN countries enable the foundation of P2A 
The P2A network of colleges, universities and research institutes in ASEAN was jointly founded in June 2012 by Rangsit University in Thailand, DTU in Vietnam, the National University of Laos, Norton University in Cambodia and the Computer Institute of Myanmar, to help students explore different cultures and get a better understanding of potential future career opportunities in the ASEAN region.  
A Hat Trick in 2019 
In 2017, DTU became the first private university in Vietnam to receive a Certificate of National Education Quality. In August 2019, ABET, the American-based Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, just announced that it has accredited the DTU Networking Engineering and the Management Information System programs, making it only the second Vietnamese university to accredited, after the HCMC University of Technology in 2014. 
In December 2019, the University Ranking by Academic Performance organization, URAP, announced the world’s top 2,500 universities. Eight Vietnamese universities were listed and DTU made its first appearance this year, which made it a Hat Trick of achievements in 2019. 
URAP was established at the Informatics Institute at the Middle East Technical University in 2009, with the objective of developing a worldwide ranking system for universities, based on academic performance in the last five years. By conducting their own research, without recourse to self-reporting by universities or expert voting, URAP is becoming well-known for its objectivity. 
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