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University Creates CPR Training System

On November 13, DTU officially announced its new Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation First Aid Training System. It was researched and developed by the DTU Center for Visualization & Simulation (CVS).
Tru?ng Ð?i h?c làm S?n ph?m Hu?n luy?n K? nang C?p c?u tim, ph?i
eCPR system gives a score while assessing and correcting the user - Photo: Truong Trung 
According to CVS Director Le Van Chung, the system was developed based on a combination of 3D virtual reality and IoT (Internet of Things) technology, with sensors attached to a real-time model. It uses a dummy, with a system of sensors attached, to evaluate the progress of student first-aid skills, to determine their levels of expertise during practice.
"The system shows on a screen how to perform external chest compression and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and is based on analytic sensors which give a score while assessing and correcting the user," added Director Le Van Chung. 
eCPR will provide an economic advantage to universities offering medical and pharmaceutical education, benefitting high schools, the Red Cross, local residents and businesses by teaching the necessary first aid skills to everyone. 
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