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DTU - 28 Years Dedicated to the Cause of Education

For the last 28 years, DTU has fueled the fire of their students’ passions to realize their dreams. On November 11, DTU celebrated its anniversary and was honored to receive a 2021-2022 Emulation Flag from the Danang People’s Committee and a Level-2 education institution accreditation certificate.
Looking back over the past 28 years
Twenty-eight years may not seem long, but it has been enough to reaffirm the university’s reputation in the hearts and minds of thousands of students. Meanwhile, DTU has developed a unique brand and became a leading training and research university, earning both national and international prestige. During the voyage, the “Captain,” Hero of Labor and Meritorious Teacher Le Cong Co, was always at the helm together with his able crew of staff and lecturers, welcoming aboard his students and transporting them to their destination and ultimate success.
ÐH Duy Tân - 28 Mùa xuân C?ng hi?n cho S? nghi?p Giáo d?c
Hero of Labor and Meritorious Teacher, Le Cong Co, Chairman of the DTU Board of Trustees, speaking
“I’m 82 already,” said Mr. Le Cong Co, as he shared his feelings at the celebration. “I remember when we first submitted our project to the Ministry of Education & Training they proposed some amendments and then forwarded it to the government. It seemed impossible, but finally the project was approved. I grew up personally with the support of the Revolution, the Party and the People, so I always thought that I should pay them back. Looking back, I have no regrets about my Fatherland, my origins, my family or friends. They all worked diligently according to their individual enthusiasm and strengths, as offspring of the Quang region. 
Today, we thank the leaders of our country and those of Danang, who always took care of us. We’re especially grateful to the DTU staff and lecturers who stood beside us through great difficulties, particularly during the two- year pandemic, when they gave all they had to teach online, implement modified programs, and still manage to schedule graduations on time. Finally, I’d want to give our students some advice, live for the Fatherland and your ancestry and become good citizens.”
The university has recently created seven new schools; the School of Computer Science; the College of Medicine & Pharmacy; the Hospitality & Tourism Institute; the International School; and the schools of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences. These schools offer PhD degrees in 10 disciplines, Master’s degrees in 15, and Bachelor’s degrees in 47 majors and 100 minors. The university currently employs 1,222 staff and lecturers, and 30% of DTU lecturers hold professorial titles or PhDs. Enrollment meets targets every year and 90% of graduates find employment.
ÐH Duy Tân - 28 Mùa xuân C?ng hi?n cho S? nghi?p Giáo d?c
Danang People’s Committee Chairman Mr. Le Trung Chinh presents flowers.
Education and research are the university’s main strengths. Over the past 10 years, DTU has made significant investments in research and hired a large number of people with PhDs from prestigious universities around the world. The results of five years of scientific research already include entering the top ten of Vietnamese institutions with the highest number of international publications, the implementation of one project with State funding, 56 with Ministerial funding, 6 from protocols, and 7 with Provincial funding. The university owns fifteen patents and one practical solution certificate. Of these, thirteen are registered for protection abroad.
In addition, the university has achieved the following:
- Ranked in the top 500 of the world’s best universities in 2023 and in the top 100 in Asia in 2022, by  Times Higher Education 
- Ranked at 145 in Asia and 801-1000 in the world in 2023, by QS
- The second university in Vietnam to obtain American ABET accreditation and the first in Vietnam to obtain UNWTO TedQual accreditation.
Honored with an Emulation Flag and Level-2 education institution accreditation
To mark its 28th anniversary, DTU was honored to receive a 2021-2022 Emulation Flag from the Danang People’s Committee, A Level-2 education institution accreditation certificate was also awarded by the Vietnamese Center for Education Accreditation, in recognition of the university’s contributions to education and its excellence in training and scientific research activities and fostering talent to benefit Vietnam.
ÐH Duy Tân - 28 Mùa xuân C?ng hi?n cho S? nghi?p Giáo d?c
Associate Professor Nguyen Phuong Nga awards a Level-2 education institution accreditation certificate 
“DTU is one of the Vietnamese universities who entered the official Level-2 accreditation round, with six criteria and ten standards,” explained Associate Professor Nguyen Phuong Nga, Director of the Center for Education Accreditation of the Ministry of Education & Training. “One of the criteria that needed much work was research and technology transfer. However, in only five years, the university has made several advances and joined the top universities in Vietnam in research achievements, surpassing many others. On behalf of the Vietnamese Center for Education Accreditation, we want to sincerely thank the leadership of Danang for their contribution and support, enabling DTU to earn this significant award.”
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