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Dean’s List 2024 Scholarship Ceremony at International School

On March 30, the DTU International School held a ceremony to award the Dean’s List 2024 scholarships honoring students’ excellent academic achievements and relentless perseverance and efforts in overcoming their difficulties towards academic excellence. The ceremony also gave the School an opportunity to acknowledge the significant contributions by its staff and lecturers over the years.
L? Trao H?c B?ng Dean's List 2024 c?a Tru?ng Ðào t?o Qu?c t?
Prof. Dr. Lim Sang Taek speaking at the ceremony
“All students present for today’s ceremony are shining examples of good academic achievement,” Prof. Dr. Lim Sang Taek, Vice Provost of DTU and Provost of the International School, said at the ceremony. “Your achievements are even more valuable because you needed to overcome life’s difficulties and challenges to get there. Today’s ceremony is also an opportunity to honor the contributions of the staff and lecturers of the International School - my dear colleagues. Your dedication and passion to the development of a learning environment of international standard and your commitment to the development of the School are the foundation of our success.
“Therefore, the scholarships and gifts awarded today are: for the students, meaningful presents to encourage and motivate; for my colleagues, gifts expressing the deep gratitude of the International School for your tireless efforts. I wish that our students and my colleagues will find additional motivation to continue working and to strive even harder. Remember, challenges are inevitable, but strength and resilience overcome everything.”
L? Trao H?c B?ng Dean's List 2024 c?a Tru?ng Ðào t?o Qu?c t?
Awarding scholarships to outstanding students
The recipients of the Dean’s List 2024 scholarships are outstanding individuals from different provinces, but they share perseverance and determination. Besides being a source of pride for themselves, each student’s achievements also motivate and hold up an example to the other students. At the ceremony, the International School awarded scholarships to the International School Union Executive Committee to encourage their enthusiasm in the vibrant activities of the School’s Union. Furthermore, the School also awarded scholarships to nineteen students with good academic performance.
L? Trao H?c B?ng Dean's List 2024 c?a Tru?ng Ðào t?o Qu?c t?
Staff and lecturers of the International School received gifts of appreciation at the ceremony
“The trust Provost Lim Sang Taek and the International School Board of Provosts have in us students is a great source of motivation and means a huge lot to us,” Vo Tran Hoang, one of the nineteen students honored with a scholarship, explains. “The support he and the rest of the School leadership give us constantly reminds us of the importance of diligence and determination. On behalf of  the nineteen recipients,  I promise to continue our efforts to set down the best achievements in our studies and training and to work on our comprehensive development - for an even brighter future.”
The ceremony moreover acknowledged the important contributions of the staff and lecturers at the International School. Prof. Dr. Lim Sang Taek awarded six gifts to as many lecturers of the International School to express his deep gratitude and appreciation for their contributions to teaching, advising student, and the development of the School.
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