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The Covid-19 Pandemic – Difficulties, Opportunities and Choices for Overseas Studies

The pandemic has severely impacted virtually every sector, especially education and overseas studies. Partnerships with renowned universities around the world had greatly improved the standard of education at DTU already but the National Foundation for American Policy now reports that the number of foreign students arriving in the US in 2020-2021 declined to 63% from 98% in 2019, down to from 12,000 to 6,000, the lowest since the end of World War Two, which totaled 7,800 in 1947-1948.
Ð?i d?ch COVID-19 - khó khan, co h?i, l?a ch?n nào cho du h?c sinh?
The situation in the UK, Australia, Canada and Japan was similarl, as governments were forced to close borders and restrict consular operations and visas. Even if these problems are gradually alleviated, potential overseas students will still fear the danger of leaving their home countries. Also, the National Council for Education & Human Resources Development reports that the number of Vietnamese families and their children on temporary assignment with companies overseas has dropped by 66%.
Despite these obstacles however, new opportunities will develop. As the pandemic is gradually brought under control with increasing vaccination, the global economy will start to recover and the demand for opportunities from the many students waiting to study abroad should make a strong comeback, with the proper incentives: 
- Firstly: Many schools and governments are announcing increased support, offering attractive scholarships to reduce tuition for foreign students, simplifying admissions and immigration procedures and improving health insurance programs
- Secondly: Since 2020, university applications have dropped everywhere. Enrollments in the US fell 6.5%, the lowest in fifty years, creating more opportunities for international students, as the admissions standards have dropped, even at the better schools.
- Thirdly: Thanks to long-term relationships with the UK, the US, Australia, Canada and Japan, Vietnamese applicants will be given priority over those from countries such as China or India, because of the evolving economic and political conditions.
What Should DTU Students Planning to Study Abroad Do Now?
The future is now unpredictable and no single piece of advice is good for all. However, there are always a variety of flexible options for those who are planning to study abroad. The best-prepared and most focused students now have an excellent opportunity to complete the final procedures without hesitation.
Ð?i d?ch COVID-19 - khó khan, co h?i, l?a ch?n nào cho du h?c sinh?
Most developed countries have already sanctioned the return of international students or are planning to do so, the number of applications is skyrocketing and competition for places is fierce. However, applicants must be well aware of the current quarantine, epidemic prevention, health and security regulations in the host country before proceeding.
The America, Canadian and UK 2+2, 3+1, and 1+1+2 programs give DTU students access to highest quality education and excellent future career opportunities. However, parents of students who are afraid that the pandemic is not yet fully under control abroad, may prefer them to stay together in Vietnam and first study in Vietnam before transferring abroad. Meanwhile they can enroll in the 2+2, 3+1 or 1+1+2 programs and ultimately receive international degrees on graduation, at greatly reduced tuition fees. Others, who would prefer their students to study solely in Vietnam and still obtain an international degree, should choose the On-Site Study-Abroad 4+0 program, where students are taught by both foreign and local lecturers from the overseas partner schools in Danang.
For 11th-graders, there are now several foreign high schools enrolling 12th grade applicants, such as the Canadian Kingsway Academy, with fairly straightforward admissions criteria. Vietnamese students who graduate from foreign high schools become fully proficient in English, teamworking and presentation skills, are familiar with the latest technology and are well-oriented for their university majors.
DTU currently offers a variety of overseas programs, in partnership with leading international universities, colleges and high schools:
Linking Programs
- 1+1+2, in collaboration with Green River College in Washington and Lorain County Community College in Ohio, with the first year at DTU, the second year at a US community college and the third and fourth years at a US university, graduating with a US Bachelor’s degree
Ð?i d?ch COVID-19 - khó khan, co h?i, l?a ch?n nào cho du h?c sinh?
- 2+2, in collaboration with Appalachian State University, North Carolina; Purdue University Northwest in Indiana; Medaille College in New York; and Cape Breton University in Canada, with the first and second years at DTU, and the third and fourth at a university in the US or Canada, with international Bachelor’s degrees
- 3+1, in collaboration with Coventry University in the UK, with the first three years at DTU, and the fourth at a university in the UK, with UK Bachelor’s degree
These overseas programs are available to all Economics, Engineering, IT, Hospitality and Education majors, and the quality of education and the ability to receive an international degree at home have attracted several students with the highest 2021 High School Graduation Exam grades, including Cai Thi Hien Nhi, from Thua Thien-Hue, who scored 27.55 points and joined the Troy University Hospitality Management major, (third from left in left photo), and Chu Quang Long, from HCMC with 26.1, who enrolled in the Troy University Computer Science major, (standing on left).
In addition, there are two American Degree Programs (ADP) on-site overseas programs which are directly managed and operated by foreign universities at DTU by: 
- Troy University: in the top fifty of regional universities in the southern US, accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), in IT and Hospitality Management
- Keuka College: in the top 130 of regional universities in the northern US, accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), in Management
These majors are taught according to the curricula of the two institutions, enabling students to benefit from an American education and become global citizens, with degrees awarded by American universities in Vietnam.
At the international high school level, DTU partners with the Canadian Kingsway Academy to enroll 12th grade students, who must complete eight compulsory subjects there in addition to a variety of diverse selective subjects in preparation for an appropriate university or college major.
DTU also collaborates with the International Center for English Academy Preparation (ICEAP), in Toronto, Canada, where overseas students can perfect their English to meet Canadian university entrance requirements by:
- Rapidly adapting to advanced teaching methods
- Adopting the necessary university or college study skills
- Accumulating the basic knowledge to apply to university or college at an ICEAP partner school, through ICEAP’s transfer and preparatory programs
For more information on DTU’s current offer in overseas studies, contact:
Overseas Education Consultancy at the Learning and Testing Center (LTC)
Address: fifth floor, 254 Nguyen Van Linh, Danang
Tel.: 0236.3650.001 (Ms Ha Nhu Hang: 0968.191.677)
Email: tuvanduhoc@duytan.edu.vn
or the DTU Enrollment Center.
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