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The On-Site Study-Abroad program for US degrees in Danang

DTU has partnered with renowned American universities to offer affordable On-Site Study-Abroad ADP programs and students can obtain US degrees without leaving Vietnam. The programs have already caught the attention of many prospective students and parents because they allow students to graduate with an international degree without leaving Danang.
Chuong trình du h?c t?i ch? l?y b?ng c? nhân Hoa K? t?i Ðà N?ng
DTU signs agreements with Troy University and Keuka College 
Troy University and Keuka College have been offering international-level ADP courses for the past 10 years and have representative offices in Danang. 
The two US universities receive regional higher education accreditation    
Troy University is a public university in Troy, Alabama, founded in 1887. It is consistently ranked one of the five best public universities in Alabama. The Princeton Review ranks it among the “Best in the Southeast” and 44th of regionally in the Southern US. 
Keuka College was founded in 1890 in Keuka Lake in New York State, is regionally accredited as a Middle State university in America and ranked 126 in Northern US colleges.
Chuong trình du h?c t?i ch? l?y b?ng c? nhân Hoa K? t?i Ðà N?ng
DTU ADP program students
DTU currently offers ADP programs in three disciplines:
- Business Administration (Keuka)
- Computer Science (Troy)
- Tourism & Hospitality Management (Troy)
These majors are tailored to the specialized curricula of Troy University and Keuka College, and graduates  benefit from an advanced, high-quality education to become truly global citizens. One advantage of the program is that all the courses are taught in English directly, by professors and expert lecturers visiting from Troy or Keuka, or by American lecturers from the two universities now permanently residing in Vietnam. 
Students participate in group and individual projects to broaden their experience, become more effective and develop their reasoning and strategic skills, factors of special importance in business startups. With a US degree they qualify for a variety of lucrative occupations in Vietnam and overseas, to assist in global integration and become international specialists.
Tuition fees in Vietnam are much less
Universities in the US are far more expensive than in Vietnam and tuition fees are a major barrier for those who want to study abroad. However, both of the DTU ADP programs in Danang cost only one-tenth those abroad. 
Several applicants for the ADP programs have exceptional HSGE scores, including Cai Thi Hien Nhi from Thua Thien in Hue with 27.55 points, who will study Troy Hospitality Management, and Chu Quang Long from HCMC with 26.1 points, in the Troy Computer Science program.
Chuong trình du h?c t?i ch? l?y b?ng c? nhân Hoa K? t?i Ðà N?ng
Cai Thi Hien Nhi, on the left, and Chu Quang Long
Studying in English 
All the DTU ADP courses and extracurricular activities are in English, with students from the UK, Sweden, Korea, Myanmar and the Philippines. In addition, international academic programs such as P2A, Learning Express and exchange programs with universities worldwide are highlights of the courses.
Transfer to study in the US 
ADP students of the Troy University or Keuka College programs can either study full-time in Danang for four years or transfer to the US in the second year and graduate there. The similar state-of-the-art educational environment at DTU enables ADP students to quickly adapt when they move to the US. 
Internship and career opportunities in international business
As members of the Association of Roads to ASEAN (P2A), participants in the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) and with the benefits of expanding relationships with international businesses, ADP students can intern and work in the USA, the UK, Thailand, Korea, Japan or elsewhere. With an American degree, graduates are guaranteed excellent career prospects. 
Chuong trình du h?c t?i ch? l?y b?ng c? nhân Hoa K? t?i Ðà N?ng
Several ADP students are awarded scholarships 
Full and partial scholarships worth a total of 18 billion VND 
This year, 50 full and partial scholarships worth a total of 18 billion VND will be awarded to attract talented candidates, in order to meet the urgent need for highly qualified workers in Vietnam and abroad.
For further information please contact:
The On-Site Study-Abroad program for US degrees- Danang Office 
254 Nguyen Van Linh, Danang
Hotline: (+84)888.414.141; +84-236-3-650-403 Ext 106
Email: adp@adp.edu.vn
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