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DTU Overseas Study Opportunities in South Korea, Taipei and Thailand

The Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism offers global student exchange programs in partnership with universities in South Korea, Taipei and Thailand to help students expand their education and experience foreign cultures, and, in March, eleven students from the DTU Faculty of Tourism and the International School went on exchanges with Dong - A University, South Seoul University and Sejong University. They all thoroughly enjoyed life in Korea, made new friends and broadened their knowledge. 
Co h?i Du h?c t?i Hàn Qu?c, Ðài Loan và Thái Lan dành cho Sinh viên Duy Tân
DTU’s international partners
In 2018-2019, to study overseas applicants must:
- Be able to communicate in English;
- Have a TOEIC English language certificate with a score of at least 450 and a basic  knowledge of Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. An HSK3 certificate would also be advantageous. 
The fifty successful advanced PSA Tourism students will begin studying in the Spring of 2019 at Sejong University, the Women’s University of Dongduk University and Young San University for 12 months, and at Dong - A University, Fooyin University and Cao Hung Tourism and Hotel University for 6 months. The normal students will study at South Seoul University and Chungbuk National University for 12 months and Chiang Mai Rajbhat University for 6 months.   
Admission and tuition fees are free for successful applicants and their results will be reported to DTU on completion of their overseas studies. 
Co h?i Du h?c t?i Hàn Qu?c, Ðài Loan và Thái Lan dành cho Sinh viên Duy Tân
DTU students in Seoul
Registration procedure information: 
Complete and submit an application form to the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism 
- Applications from: October 10th - October 31st
- Interviews on: November 6 and 7
- Results: November 12
For further information, please contact: 
Mrs. Bao Lien via phone: 0935.353.499 
Email: htms@duytan.edu.vn; 
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