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The Rikkeisoft Talented Engineer Program Talkshow at DTU

On September 28, the Rikkeisoft Talented Engineer Program (RTEP) talk show was held online by the DTU International School and the DTU School of Computer Science, in collaboration with Rikkeisoft Danang, for senior IT students to broaden their programming knowledge and Japanese language skills.
T?a dàm Chuong trình Ðào t?o K? su Công ngh? Thông tin Tài nang Vi?t - Nh?t
Mr. Ho Nguyen Quoc Hung, Director of Rikkeisoft Danang 
Mr. Ho Nguyen Quoc Hung gave a brief introduction on Rikkeisoft and said: “Rikkeisoft is one of the leading IT and Software Development companies, with 1,200 employees in Vietnam. We were founded in 2012 by four talented Vietnamese who previously studied and worked in Japan and are headquartered in Hanoi, with branches in Danang and HCMC. Rikkeisoft is constantly striving to innovate and compete in providing high quality products to our end-users worldwide.”
The RTEP was one result of a 2019 DTU partnership agreement with Rikkeisoft Danang. Since then, K1 and K2 students have been trained as IT engineers and K3 classes are just beginning. Participating in RTEP, students can prepare to become IT engineers in Japan or receive internship scholarships there. They are then fully guaranteed a career at Rikkeisoft, in Vietnam or Japan, or with other Rikkeisoft's partners in Japan.
T?a dàm Chuong trình Ðào t?o K? su Công ngh? Thông tin Tài nang Vi?t - Nh?t
Quang Hoa, a K2 student 
Ms. Le Thi Hang, Head of HR at Rikkeisoft Danang, said: “The admissions process has three stages, on average term grades, GMAT scores and an assessment after three years of study. Participants will develop their programming and Japanese skills and the most determined of the will meet with success beyond their highest expectations. To do so, students must be fully prepared to excel in our rigorous selection process.”
On behalf of the DTU Board of Provosts, Dr. Nguyen Duc Man thanked Rikkeisoft for providing the most favorable conditions for students to prepare themselves for IT careers in Vietnam or Japan.
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