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Series of Workshops to Welcome K27 Computer Science Freshmen

The DTU School of Computer Science held a series of workshops on various key interesting topics on September 17, in order to provide the new K27 students with a better understanding of their major and help them in their future career orientation. 
The first workshop was entitled “Your Future with AI & IoT”, with speakers from TMA Solutions, including Head of Training Ms. Trang Bui, AI Expert Mr. Thang Tran and IoT Expert Mr. Thong Nguyen. University IT heads, lecturers and K27 freshmen attended.
The K27 workshop on “Your Future with AI & IoT”
Founded in 1997, TMA Solutions is a leading Vietnamese software company, with 3,000 employees, servicing leading high-tech corporations in thirty countries. TMA currently has eight offices in Vietnam, with seven in Ho Chi Minh City and one in Quy Nhon, and six abroad, in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and Singapore. TMA currently provides technology and software solutions in:  
- Finance & banking, insurance
- Agriculture, food processing
- Ecommerce, distribution
- Transportation, logistics
- Health & medicine
- Hospitality & tourism
- Education
- Telecommunications
The TMA speakers covered information on the diverse fields of the information technology sector and the required knowledge and skills. In the overview, Ms. Trang Bui talked about the most popular job positions:
- Software development, programmers, software design engineers, software testers, bridge system engineers and project managers
- New technologies, data science, AI & machine learning, Blockchain and computer vision
- Network & information security, network administration engineers, network information security engineers, technical support officers and IT managers
- Multimedia, graphic designers and multimedia specialists
- Other IT-related fields, in electronics & telecommunications, embedded systems and Internet of Things (IoT) 
The speakers overview several IT fields
To qualify for these positions, IT students need to accumulate a solid foundation of basic and advanced knowledge and spend time honing their specialized practical abilities, learning to think like a programmer and refining their foreign-language, teamwork and leadership skills.
With his many years of experience in AI, Mr. Thang Tran explained details on the development and maintenance cycles of AI projects. He included important steps, such as data preparation, training, data monitoring and optimization; acquiring the necessary background knowledge of basic mathematics, calculus, linear algebra and probability; and information on which domains to visit when applying for an AI position. In the field of IoT, Mr. Thong Nguyen offered the new students a clearer vision of IoT in the context of Technology 4.0, enabling freshmen considering a career in IoT with vital knowledge on hardware, embedded programming and wireless communications.
The K27 freshmen asked questions on which programming languages are commonly used when implementing AI and IoT projects and how to meet the stringent requirements in computer networking and data communications, which were clearly responded to.
The workshop series of will be continued, with talks by leading experts from big IT companies, where students are invited to learn more about the specific topics appropriate to their future career plans:
Workshop 2
- Topic: Road to Software Engineering
- Participating company: KMS Technology
- Time: 9h –10h30, September 24, in 2021
Workshop 3
-       Topic: Building A Game From Scratch
-       Participating company: Gear Inc
-       Time: 9h30-11h00, September 28th, in 2021.
 Workshop 4
-       Topic: Cybersecurity career Roadmap”
-       Participating company: VNCert, Alto Palo Network, Agribank
-       Time: 9h30-11h00, October 9th in 2021.
Workshop 5
-     Topic: “DTU Student today- Global citizen tomorrow”
-     Participating company: Alumi of DTU IT
-     Time: 9h30-11h00, October 16th, in 2021.
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