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Highest-Scoring DTU Applicant with 29.75/30 Points

Ly Thi Men, from the Daklak highlands, was awarded a full scholarship for the DTU Talent Program in Business Law (HP), having scored 29.75/30 points in the High School Graduation Exam.
Ly Thi Men suddenly changed course in the second term of 12th grade and decided she would take the university entrance exam in social sciences, although she was strong in natural sciences. As she was so late applying, Men had to work twice as hard to take the exam on schedule.
N? sinh Ð?t di?m Th? khoa d?u vào c?a Ð?i Duy Tân: 29,75/30 di?m
Ly Thi Men plans study Business Law
“Surrounded by the piles of notebooks at the start of the second term of 12th grade, I decided that I needed to choose a future career and I realized I’d much prefer to work energetically in a dynamic environment, meeting and interacting with as many other people as possible,” she said. “I particular, I wanted learn about business law and work ethically to help companies steadily develop. In Vietnam today, there’s a dire need for highly qualified lawyers and, with my new aspiration, I immediately started intensive extra studies in Literature, History and Geography.”
Despite her talent for natural sciences and mastery of social sciences, Ly Thi Men admits that she still encountered several problems in her studies and exams and was forced to memorize so many details. However, she always received huge encouragement from her teachers and colleagues.
“I was really lucky to have been inspired emotionally in the Literature classes by a dedicated and animated teacher filled with emotion, by an enthralling teacher, whose fascinating lessons, complete with examples of his real-time experiences left me looking forward to his classes more than ever,” added Ly Thi Men. “He also gave us practice exams, showed us how to do them and graded them carefully, with additional comments to help us identify our individual strengths and weaknesses. In History, I was quite worried at first about the many dates and places that must be memorized. However, as I pictured each historical event as a battle, with the sacrifices, the survival skills and victories of our forefathers, I felt immeasurably proud, and the memorization became easy.”
Ly Thi Men achieved an almost perfect score in Geography and said, “I poured all my mental strength into concentrating during class hours, read the basic facts and questioned the teachers whenever I didn’t fully understand something. I read a lot using my ‘strong right arm,’ all the maps in my atlas, to complete the exams as effectively as possible. I focused on linking factual evidence with an in-depth analysis to interpret each question more clearly.”
Ly Thi Men wants to become a skilled and fair lawyer
Ly Thi Men was born into a farming family and her older siblings had to become independent at an early age. 
N? sinh Ð?t di?m Th? khoa d?u vào c?a Ð?i Duy Tân: 29,75/30 di?m
The headteacher supports Ly Thi Men in her field of study change
“My parents were forced to work hard on many types of tasks to feed us and earn enough allow us to study at the same time,” she explained. “When I joined my parents in the fields to care for and harvest the crops, I understood even more deeply how difficult their lives really were and now I always try to do my best to study hard and will find a well-paid job so I can then help them myself in the near future.”
Ly Thi Men decided to join the Talent Program in Business Law at DTU after researching other universities. She feels confident that the university always puts students at the center in the development of innovative teaching methods, the improvement of educational quality and infrastructure investments, to ensure that they will find jobs immediately after graduation.
Men said: “I’ll try to study diligently to master the required knowledge and skills, thoroughly understand legal decisions and give advice in specific situations, to guarantee that my clients are treated justly. I hope that my knowledge will help me bring fairness and equality to workers throughout Vietnam.”
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