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Phan Le Ngoc Duy: An Avid Class Leader in the English Faculty

Phan Le Ngoc Duy, the personable leader of the K24NAD3 class, is majoring in English for Tourism. He is highly intelligent and motivated, studies hard but is also admired for his involvement in several extra-curricular activities, including his energetic work in charitable DTU Union and Association events.
Growing up with success
DTU students majoring in English for Tourism all know Ngoc Duy. He used to be disoriented and shy in his freshman year but evolved into a friendly and proactive class monitor, with impressive results. With an average grade of 3.27/4, Ngoc Duy is an exemplary student and demonstrates his ability in academic competitions. In the “Beauty & Talent” contest, organized by the English faculty, Ngoc Duy and his teammates won second prize. “We were lucky to get to the finals,” he admits. “It was a tough journey, requiring teamwork, logical thinking and the creativity of us all, and, as a result, we were very happy with our achievement.”
Phan Lê Ng?c Duy - Chàng “th? linh” Nhi?t huy?t và Tài nang c?a Khoa Ti?ng Anh
Phan Le Ngoc Duy, the leader of the K24ND3 class
When he joined DTU, Ngoc Duy fully appreciated the opportunity to do his utmost to realize his dreams. With his excellent grades over the past three years and his success in competitions, Ngoc Duy was chosen to represent DTU in the Python programming course, offered by the University of Nevada in Las Vegas in the US. “This was a unique opportunity for me to expand my understanding of technology and improve my reasoning and adaptability skills. I was also able to benefit from Western teaching methods with foreign professors. After one month of intensive studying, the knowledge I gained proved to be an invaluable personal gift from DTU and my lecturers. To repay them, I scored 99% on graduation, received a Certificate of Completion from the University of Nevada and an invitation to join their Fall 2021 International program to improve my English.”
With all his involvement in programs in Vietnam and abroad, Ngoc Duy has been able to steadily broaden his experience, day-by-day. Now, although he hasn’t yet graduated, he works part-time as a translator for Cortex Textile Ltd. “Senior year students really need an appropriate job to practice their academic skills,” explains Ngoc Duy. “My cousin introduced me to Cortex Textile and I decided to give it a try. The management system there is very demanding, employing the use of thousands of apps a day. This requires self-discipline, endurance, teamwork and extensive use of English. I’ve learned much from my colleagues and also meet with clients from many different countries, which improves my language skills, professionalism, and, above all, will allow me to meet my own personal goals.”
Dynamism and youthful energy fighting the pandemic
As well as the outstanding pioneering work that Ngoc Duy does voluntarily in Union and Association activities, he is not only he is a model class monitor but also the regional secretary of Thuan An 2, in the An Khe ward of the Thanh Khe district of Danang. Ngoc Duy stated: “Volunteering and immersing myself in collective activities, the laughter and energy of young people brings me great satisfaction but requires a high sense of responsibility and strict agreement and unity among the team members.”
Phan Lê Ng?c Duy - Chàng “th? linh” Nhi?t huy?t và Tài nang c?a Khoa Ti?ng Anh
Duy helping to combat the local pandemic
During each wave of the pandemic in Danang, Ngoc Duy volunteered to offer as much help as possible to protect everyone in the community. Previously, he had mostly helped man police checkpoints, but his last and most difficult job was to supported medics with testing and delivering food to people’s homes. “Whenever someone in our team felt hungry or tired in their hot protective gear, a young woman would display encouraging messages, such as: ‘Don’t give up!’ and were all jolted awake.” Ngoc Duy recounts his feelings during his most memorable final mission: “At the end of each 11-hour day of testing thousands of samples, with these words of encouragement, our happiness quickly spread, boosting our spirits after the suffocatingly intense work. We will all remember them forever, with memories of humanity and solidarity during the darkest hours of the pandemic.”
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