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Nguyen Thi Kim Thao: “Pursue Excellence and Success Will Pursue You”

Nguyen Thi Kim Thao, from Binh Phuoc, is currently a K24-DLL7 third-year student in the DTU Hospitality & Tourism Institute. Kim Thao nurtures the dream of becoming a tour guide and previously spent much time researching universities throughout the country. She soon discovered that DTU offered the best programs appropriate to her academic requirements and has been a DTU student ever since.
Sinh viên Nguy?n Th? Kim Th?o:
Nguyen Thi Kim Thao
Her dream of becoming tour guide
At the beginning, Kim Thao felt lost at DTU. Her family was far away and almost all her friends had chosen to study in Ho Chi Minh City. However, thanks to her independent nature, Kim Thao resolved to be positive and quickly adapted to her new life on Danang. She enjoys traveling along the beach road to school every day, when she can relax with her easy-going friends, and learn more and more every day as she grows up. With the support of her classmates and lecturers, Kim Thao has become focused on the future through practical hands-on experience and visits to local companies.
A milestone for personal transformation
“Try your best, and opportunities will come and find you,” is Kim Thao’s motto in life. During her first year at DTU, she gained outstanding results, won a university scholarship and frequently studies in the university library. She especially likes reading about local history and geography, and details on nearby tourist sites in Danang, Quang Nam, Hue and so on. 
A tour guide contest
Sinh viên Nguy?n Th? Kim Th?o:
Kim Thao was selected in her second year to represent the university in the 2019 Extended Ho Chi Minh City Skilled Tour Guide contest, where she broadened her experience and learned new study techniques. She then interned at the Danang branch of Vietravel, where she tried her hand at being an MC, until she was fluent enough to become the MC for “The Young Band” and has compered several other company events. Kim Thao specialized in Literature at high school, has a unique, inspiring voice and always appears totally self-confident. 
Kim Thao gradually became interested in vlogging. With some friends, she won the Disseminate prize at the 2020 “Remember Danang” contest and finished in ninth position. “My vlog was based on the topic of Tourism Information Systems,” explained Kim Thao. “Our team had to produce a video showcasing a tourist location, Professor Quang Huy mentored us, provided with the necessary software and gave our project a ranking of 10/10. Then, by chance, we heard about two other contests and competed in them, with great success. The Professor has been showing other classes our first video as an example and we are delighted.”
Pursue excellence and success will pursue you
Kim Thao also believes strongly in self-study and spends time researching the Vietnamese culture, history and geography, as well as informatics and foreign languages.
Kim Thao’s favorite subject is history. There is a passage from the book Su Viet 12 Khuc Trang Ca, written by Phan Dung, which Kim Thao likes a lot, stating: “A people can only step into the future on the steady legs of history. History is the lesson our predecessors have left for their descendants, a store of knowledge for future development and a way of avoiding past mistakes.” Kim Thao reads many Vietnamese history books to prepare herself for her future career, which has increased her patriotism. Kim Thao believes that we must all find our own paths in life and do our utmost to attain our goals, striving for excellence, perfection and ultimate success.
Kim Thao’s ambition is to visit the 63 provinces and islands of Vietnam and experience the 54 cultures. She wants to become a resolute, professional tour guide, who inspires her clients with her love of her homeland.
Sinh viên Nguy?n Th? Kim Th?o:
“Pursue excellence and success will pursue you,” is the message Kim Thao wants to send new students
My gratitude
Sinh viên Nguy?n Th? Kim Th?o:
“Being loved by my friends makes me the happiest of all and meeting my devoted lecturers the luckiest,” explained Kim Thao. “I thank DTU for introducing them all to me, and for offering me the ideal education and equipment for my journey into the future.”
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