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Impressions of DTU Medicine - Pharmacy - Nursing Programs throughout the years

Each year, DTU has focused on building modern and specialized medical education facilities.  
D?u ?n trong t?ng nam h?c Y - Du?c - Ði?u du?ng t?i DTU
Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing students taking exams and defending their graduation theses 
Let’s take a look at the DTU’s labs to see how DTU’s Health Science students have worked over the years. 
Learning online during the pandemic 
Over the past two years, DTU progressed in teaching, holding exams and implementing graduation procedures, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, by teaching twenty thousand students online simultaneously. 
Applications, such as MyDTU, SAKAI and Zoom, have been used to hold online classes and implement other related procedures, including course registration, tuition payment, scheduling and exams, without problems.  For example, medical students still participate in virtual clinical skills sessions, taught by doctors at local hospitals, and combine theoretical and practical training, all remotely.  
General Subjects in the first two years 
If you want to build a house it is said, you need to start with a solid foundation. This is the rule not only applies to the construction business but elsewhere. As a result, Health Science students must focus on basic topics only during their first and second years.  
Health Science students learning about their future careers from the moment they enter DTU
Students study basic science subjects, such as Biology, Physics and Chemistry, with basic laboratory equipment, and other subjects, Biochemistry, Physiology and Microbiology, with the same equipment used in hospitals. These include semi-automatic testing machines, such as spectrophotometers, Elisa, Electrophoresis and Hematology machines and Fume hoods, costing hundreds of millions of VND each. Meanwhile, students can also visit Anatomy labs, to learn about the structure and function of each part of the human body using 3D simulators.   
Ki?n th?c và K? nang luu D?u ?n trong t?ng Nam h?c Y - Du?c - Ði?u du?ng t?i DTU
Students conducting research at the DTU Molecular Biology Center
In the first two years, students conduct research projects in several fields, such as Infection, Genetics, Biodiversity Conservation, Fermentation Technology, Cancer and Pharmacology. After researching on the latest equipment, such as a Large-Scale Centrifuge, a Realtime PCR Machine, AB3500 Seris Genetic Analyzers, a MaxxQ 8000 Shaker and SNA Electrophores, many DTU post-graduates then publish papers in international journals.
Students practice right in their own “Hospital in a University”  
In the third year, students broaden their knowledge by participating in pre-clinical training at the Medical Simulation Center (MedSIM), located in south Hoa Khanh. They learn how to diagnose and interact with patients in special conditions and solve preclinical matters to improve their self-confidence in preparation for future hospital internships. 
DTU medical students are proud to study at the MedSIM because it’s located in a brand-new building with 19 practice rooms, 7 control rooms and 2 debriefing rooms that simulate a real-time environment of patient treatment. 
Ki?n th?c và K? nang luu D?u ?n trong t?ng Nam h?c Y - Du?c - Ði?u du?ng t?i DTU
The MedSIM 
At the Medical Simulation Center, students work with the Harvey Cardiopulmonary, the SimMan 3G, SimMan Essential and SimBaby medical simulators, all of which are used worldwide to teach students before they actually treat live patients. 
In addition, there are 300 other anatomical and robotic simulators for Anatomy, Pre-Clinical study, Dentistry and Practical Surgery training, all of which cost more than $150,000 each. Doctor of Odonto-Stomatology students use dental chairs, installed in the basement of Block F, together with 20 dental simulators and 20 dental handsets to practice with.    
Professional responsibilities
Dr. Nguyen Hoang Quynh Mai, Director of the Medical Simulation Center, said: “As doctors, we are responsible for the lives, health and rights of our patients. As lecturers, we are responsible for teaching the basic theoretical and practical medical skills to our students. They can memorize theoretical topics and every step of every procedure, but it is inevitable they will need further support when treating patients for the first time. Precise clinical training gives medical students the ability to guarantee the safety of their patients and themselves.” 
Improving General Nursing education with Japanese standard facilities 
From the second semester of the second year on, Nursing students will continue to study anatomy and start to practice some basic Nursing subjects. Then, they will continue to study professional subjects, including Internal Medicine Nursing and Surgical Nursing, Emergency and Intensive Care Nursing, Family Nursing, and other specialties such as Rehabilitation, Traditional Medicine, and so on. 
Ki?n th?c và K? nang luu D?u ?n trong t?ng Nam h?c Y - Du?c - Ði?u du?ng t?i DTU
Japanese-standard Nursing Lab Equipment with many modern facilities
In addition to signing agreements with many partners in Nursing to send students to Japan to work and do paid internships, DTU was awarded two Japanese standard Nursing practicing rooms by Glome Management Group. These are the reasons why DTU Nursing students always stand by their decision to study Nursing at DTU.  
Students can work with facilities such as home beds, hospital beds, patient monitors, anti-ulcer mattresses, hospital bedside cabinets, nursing trolleys, and others, for use in home care rooms and hospital rooms, also located in the DTU MedSIM with a total value of 600 million VND. 
Pharmacy students can experience University Pharmacy right at DTU
For pharmacy students, in the last two years, they will have to work most of the time at labs such as for Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical industry, Apothecary, Traditional Medicine, and Testing. 
Ki?n th?c và K? nang luu D?u ?n trong t?ng Nam h?c Y - Du?c - Ði?u du?ng t?i DTU
Testing the skills of DTU pharmacy students in labs, DTU University & Medicinal Garden
Learning experience from good doctors
DTU has partnered with many big hospitals such as Hue Central Hospital, Danang Hospital, Danang Hospital for Women and Children, and 17 Military Hospital, so DTU students can do internships at these hospitals to gain experience starting in their second year. 
Ki?n th?c và K? nang luu D?u ?n trong t?ng Nam h?c Y - Du?c - Ði?u du?ng t?i DTU
Student Do The Bon gives a presentation and receives the first prize with his essay on Medicine
Student Do The Bon, awarded the first prize in the national Medical Essay-writing Contest with his essay on “Medical Students Respond to Medical Challenges in the 21st century”, said: “Practicing in the labs with many modern facilities at DTU helped me and the other Health Science students gain experience. Working hard in the labs gave me good preparation, so I felt very confident when I did an internship at Hue Central Hospital.”
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