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Secrets for Success of Some of the Leading 2021 DTU Applicants

By chance, the commonalities between the ways to score high points of freshmen Tran Thi My Hanh (26.7/30) pursuing PSU-standard Business Administration and Phan Thi Cam Tu (26.55/30) pursuing Logistics & Supply Chain Management at DTU are working hard, creating one’s own study methods, and always being strict with oneself. A great joy came when these young people were awarded full scholarships by DTU to pursue their studies with all peace of mind while the Covid-19 pandemic was still having an impact on all facets of life, economy, society, and education.
Tran Thi My Hanh, wishing to become dynamic and successful businesswoman
My Hanh admits she was a reasonably good student in class at Tan Ky high school (Nghe An province), but her unceasing efforts in 12th grade gave her quite a score at the High School Graduation Exam. According to My Hanh, she obtained this high score thanks to her high level of concentration in class to acquire knowledge and to her serious study at home.
Bí quy?t d?t Ði?m cao c?a m?t s? Thí sinh Trúng tuy?n vào ÐH Duy Tân nam 2021
The plans and projects My Hanh, a girl with strong personality and resolve, fosters will certainly be realized through unceasing efforts
With total three-subject score of 26.7/30, a highest score of 9 points for English, and 8.75 for Literature, My Hanh says, “I highly value class hours for the knowledge the teachers transmit, and I always try to make all the exercises in the textbooks. For facts that are difficult to understand or easily lead to confusion I have a notebook to write them down, and I often open it for in-depth study. I furthermore devote a huge lot of time to practice exams and strictly plan my time like for a real test.”
Happy when she learned she was awarded a full scholarship for PSU-standard Business Administration by DTU, the pretty and petite My Hanh explains, “During these times when the pandemic is having a large impact on so many people’s lives, including my family, receiving a full scholarship for PSU-standard Business Administration from DTU is really a huge joy. I’m very thankful to DTU to give me the opportunity to study without worrying about interruptions from financial difficulties in the family.”
With her dream to become a dynamic and successful businesswoman later, My Hanh says her daily inspiration is none other than her mother, who always works hard to feed her family. This is also the reason she was not the slightest bit hesitant to choose DTU’s PSU-standard major in Business Administration.
“My mother owns a small clothes shop at the market, but she arranges all for her children’s studies. During summer and Tet break and whenever I can take time off from my studies, I always help out in the shop and help select and receive wares. It’s helping my mother that I suddenly discovered my love for PR, advertizing new wares, giving advice to clients, selecting the best wares for each of them, and welcoming them and seeing them off. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to choose PSU-standard Business Administration at DTU.”
Phan Thi Cam Tu: dream to work in logistics
Born in 2001, Phan Thi Cam Tu studied at a university in Hue for a year, during which she discovered the major she chose did not fit her. She boldly asked her parents to allow her to pause her university studies and devoted one more year to self-study to be admitted to the University of her Dreams with a major she really likes.
“As I didn’t like my major, I didn’t feel happy in my studies,” Cam Tu explains. “All the time I asked myself whether I liked this major and where the jobs I’ll do with all my passion in the future are. Can I continue with this major and this work long-term? Having thought for a while, I decided to sit the exam again to study the major of Logistics & Supply Chain Management I like.”
Bí quy?t d?t Ði?m cao c?a m?t s? Thí sinh Trúng tuy?n vào ÐH Duy Tân nam 2021
Cam Tu is one of the DTU freshmen with very high grade for English
Cam Tu had a total score of 26.55/30, with the highest grade a 9 for English. “I focused on solving practice exams I downloaded from the internet or ‘begged’ from those who sat the exam before,” Tu explains. “For all three subjects, I focused on practicing exam-solving skills and I managed my time really strictly. I think, to get high grades, in addition to a careful preparation of one’s knowledge, an applicant should know how to appropriately distribute their time when doing multiple-choice or open questions. Dividing one’s time when sitting a test is very important, that I can quickly solve the easy questions and spend more time on the difficult ones, and also to have time left to check my answers before handing in.”
Cam Tu is of the opinion that passing university with the grades one desires depends on many factors, including one’s own efforts, firm backing from one’s family, and a little luck. Cam Tu received a full scholarship for the DTU Talent program in Logistics & Supply Chain Management.
On the reason why she chose the major of Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Cam Tu has to say that, “I researched the major of Logistics & Supply Chain Management for quite a while. It’s a very popular major among young people, not only for the attractive internship and job opportunities, but also because headhunters offer high remuneration. In the current times of Technology 4.0, the demand for people working in Logistics & Supply Chain Management to operate, control, and work in e-commerce is higher than ever. Myself, I also want to work in a dynamic and modern environment and have a lot of new professional experience every day. That’s why I was delighted when I learned I was admitted to DTU with the major I liked and that I’d also receive a full scholarship to reduce the financial burden for my family in the years ahead.”
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