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Vo Mai Tuyet Nhi came out of her shell at DTU

Vo Mai Tuyet Nhi, a second-year student of the DTU Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Education & Research, is an attractive, cheerful and talented young woman. She used to be an introvert but, since coming from her home far away to study at DTU, she has come out of her shell and become much more self-confident. Let’s listen to her story.
I was shy at the beginning 
I always used to be quiet and shy, but when I left home for the first time, I initially became even more withdrawn, bored with my routine of just going to university and then going back to my new home at the end of each day, every day. Luckily, I discovered that the DTU education environment was excellent, so I put aside all my sorrows and struggled to adapt and make new friends. However, I couldn’t find a way to energize myself and was still quiet and shy.  
The first time I came out of my shell 
The very first time that I dared to express myself was during a speech contest, entitled “Pride in the Danang Cultural Heritage”, when I met Ms. Tu Nhi. In fact, I didn’t intend to participate because of my low self-confidence but Ms. Tu Nhi and my colleagues persuaded me to enter, so I did! Although we didn’t reach the finals, it proved to be a valuable experience. Thanks to the contest, I began to make more friends and, most importantly, I found the courage to express myself in public. Now I’m much more confident and outgoing.    
Võ Mai Tuy?t Nhi - Cô gái phá b? s? r?t rè nhút nhát d? t? tin kh?ng d?nh b?n thân
Vo Mai Tuyet Nhi participates in the “Pride in the Danang Cultural Heritage” contest 
The DTU Hult Prize, an important milestone on her journey 
After the speech contest, I became interested in participating in more competitions and found out about the Hult DTU Prize and three of us immediately registered to participate. Every week, we attended a professional training class and learned how to develop an initial idea into a completed project, but my expectations were not high. This was an important competition and the other contestants and their projects were excellent. We didn’t give up however. We tried our best to prepare carefully for the six-minute final presentation. Those six minutes were the most stressful for me, but they were also minutes that made me so proud and were the most memorable, because I was able to prove myself to others in such a major competition. We put in so much effort that we were awarded the prize for “The Team with the Most Potential”.
Võ Mai Tuy?t Nhi - Cô gái phá b? s? r?t rè nhút nhát d? t? tin kh?ng d?nh b?n thân
Tuyet Nhi’s team receive their prize
South-East Asia Hult prize
I once read, “If you stay in the village pond, you will see no further than the village pond. Why don’t you go to discover the rivers and seas?” In April, I had that opportunity. We were now eligible to enter the finals of the South-East Asia Hult Prize contest in HCMC. However, because of the pandemic, the competition was held online instead, but I still sensed its importance. Although we didn’t achieve impressive results, once again I gained much useful experience presenting and discussing our project in English, which is one of my favourite subjects. 
Võ Mai Tuy?t Nhi - Cô gái phá b? s? r?t rè nhút nhát d? t? tin kh?ng d?nh b?n thân
Tuyet Nhi (second from the right) and her team
P2A Virtual Mobility Student e-Xchange in Hospitality & Tourism, an interesting student exchange program for Hti students
P2A Virtual Mobility Student e-Xchange in Hospitality & Tourism is a student exchange program among universities, including Sunway University (Malaysia), BINUS University (Indonesia), Dong-A University (Korea), and Duy Tan University (Vietnam). I had the luck to become one of the fifteen students representing DTU in this program. Here, I had to team up with other people from many different universities in Vietnam and other countries. I was a bit nervous at first, but communicating with new friends from many different cultures helped me broaden my mind much. Because I hadn’t yet experienced international cooperating activities like it, this was a rare opportunity for me. It can be said that DTU’s international activities helped me reach out to the big sea. In addition to P2A, DTU also has other international programs. If it is convenient, I will continue to participate. Perhaps many students don’t know these programs, let’s get to know them, then register to participate and don’t miss any opportunity.  
Võ Mai Tuy?t Nhi - Cô gái phá b? s? r?t rè nhút nhát d? t? tin kh?ng d?nh b?n thân
Tuyet Nhi participates in P2A Virtual Mobility Student e-Xchange in Hospitality and Tourism
Admission consultant, a part-time job that changed me 
Perhaps I have built my self-confidence partly since I became an admission collaborator for the DTU Institute for Hospitality & Tourism Education & Research. I had the opportunity to go to many places and meet many people, so I got over my shyness and felt more at ease talking to people I don’t know. Thanks to the part-time job, I also meet many lecturers and become friends with them, so anytime I have trouble with something, they always give me useful advice to help me overcome the difficulties in life. I think I’ve become better participating in the activities of the university. And that is the reason why I will continue to participate in DTU’s activities more in the future to get more experience and perfect myself.
Võ Mai Tuy?t Nhi - Cô gái phá b? s? r?t rè nhút nhát d? t? tin kh?ng d?nh b?n thân
Tuyet Nhi is an admission collaborator of the DTU Institute for Hospitality & Tourism Education & Research
Like many other girls in their 20s, I have a thirst to learn and experience new things and I’m eager to seek my passion as well as my dream. And I think that it is necessary to try many different new things to gain experience. DTU holds lots of competitions for students to develop their capabilities, and I’ve been lucky that I could participate in those competitions.
Võ Mai Tuy?t Nhi - Cô gái phá b? s? r?t rè nhút nhát d? t? tin kh?ng d?nh b?n thân
Experiencing and seeking her passion is the target of Tuyet Nhi in her 20s
Wishing to create a good study environment for students, DTU not only constantly enhances teaching quality but also built modern infrastructure and facilities. I feel very happy to study with other excellent students in the active learning environment at DTU.
Võ Mai Tuy?t Nhi - Cô gái phá b? s? r?t rè nhút nhát d? t? tin kh?ng d?nh b?n thân
Vo Mai Tuyet Nhi has gained many outstanding achievements
Tuyet Nhi received the title “Young people following Uncle Ho’s teachings” by DTU’s Youth Union for her valuable contributions in 2021. However, for Tuyet Nhi, the most meaningful present for herself is that she changed from introvert to extrovert. And ensuring comprehensive development for students is also the objective of Duy Tan University.    
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