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Hoai Nam and His Story about “Daring to know myself and change”

Vo Hoai Nam is a monitor in the K24VTD Multimedia Communications program and Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union of Social Sciences & Humanities. He has excellent yearly academic records, is also a member of the DTU Press and Communication Club (JC Chance) and regularly participates in volunteer and other activities with the DTU Youth Union. In June, Nam was awarded a consolation prize for his photo, “A Hero in the Port,” which was his entry in the “The Story of Plastic Waste” photo contest. The contest was jointly organized by UNDP and the Career & Life magazine to increase public awareness of the management of waste, especially plastics.
Hoài Nam và câu chuy?n “dám nhìn nh?n, dám thay d?i”
“You will never regret pursuing your passion”
As a child, Hoai Nam used to have an embarrassing stutter
Hoai Nam often asked himself what his mission in life really was and said: “When I was a child, I stuttered and was very depressed. Every time my teachers called on me to speak, I was afraid my friends would make fun of me. Sometimes, I wanted to express myself, but always felt slower than the rest, which made me shy and lacking confidence communicating with others.”     
It seemed that there was an invisible glass wall separating the boy from the outside world. That “dark” period lasted until Nam was in the 7th grade. One day, Nam read a book entitled “I Am Gifted, So Are You”, by Adam Khoo, which helped him break the barrier and reorient himself. He stopped stuttering and gained confidence. 
Nam spent hours every day standing in front of a mirror to practice speaking, he knew he could do it. After practicing thousands of times, he was able to speak more often without hesitation or repetition. 
Hoai Nam (white shirt on the right) posing for a photo at the event
Hoài Nam và câu chuy?n “dám nhìn nh?n, dám thay d?i”
Hoai Nam (white shirt on the right) posing for a photo at the event
Hoai Nam became a man, enthralled by the study of communications
At first, Hoai Nam intended to study Marketing at another university in Danang and was accepted. However, after reading an article on Multimedia Communications, Nam researched the topic, realized it was far more interesting and chose
DTU to achieve his dream. 
There are many differences between university and high school, so Hoai Nam was forced to adapt to the new academic environment. He said: “I am interested in combining both academic and extracurricular activities because they help me learn more about society and culture. Basic courses in subjects such as Speaking and Giving Presentations in Vietnamese in public, and Writing in Vietnamese, have increased my confidence even further.”    
Hoài Nam và câu chuy?n “dám nhìn nh?n, dám thay d?i”
Hoai Nam (on the left) with the actor Truong The Vinh in the talk show “Let me tell you this story”
Recently, Nam participated in the talk show “Let me tell you this story”, about famous people in Central Vietnam, produced by Dragon Tien Sa Media Joint Stock Company as a member of the editorial team. Thanks to the skills that Hoai Nam learned when studying Multimedia Communications, such as journalism, marketing, graphics, and fine art, he did this job very well. This part-time job is the first step for Hoai Nam to understand more about what he will learn and do during his 4 years at university.
Hoài Nam và câu chuy?n “dám nhìn nh?n, dám thay d?i”
“A Hero in the Port”
Hoai Nam talked about his photo, “A Hero in the Port,” and said: “At Tho Quang port, I saw a variety of large and small fishing boats, surrounded by floating waste. I noticed an elderly man retrieving bottles and other plastic items with a net. The temperature was 40 degrees, but he was still working hard. After chatting with him, I learned that he collected garbage every day to earn a living and make the port cleaner. So, I decided to capture this beautiful moment to send a message about protecting the environment.”   
“If you dare to accept and dare to change, you will succeed”
As a member of the JC Chance Club and the Executive Committee of Youth Union of the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, Hoai Nam met more people and made more friends. He could then understand life better. For Hoai Nam, giving is receiving. He knew that many people around him are struggling to cope with many difficulties in life, so he learned how to share and help others to overcome their problems. Hoai Nam always appreciates the people around him and lives with his passion.       
Hoài Nam và câu chuy?n “dám nhìn nh?n, dám thay d?i”
Hoai Nam (in black shirt, standing on the left), on the occasion of welcoming new students of class K26
Hoai Nam says: “In order to study Multimedia Communications well, it is necessary to read and write as much as possible. Besides, participating in activities and building good work relationships during our years at university will help us develop our future careers more easily. Besides, we should find a hobby we love, such as playing a musical instrument, singing or taking part in clubs and community activities to make life more colorful and less boring with the routine of going to school, doing a part-time job and coming home. Participating in extracurricular activities while studying can equip us with more skills we need to grow.”   
Hoai Nam has changed and become a confident and dynamic young man, the past is forgotten. If we have an objective, and can manage change, our dreams will come true. His mission is now to establish his role in life by helping others to make the world more beautiful. In his opinion, “If you dare to accept, dare to acknowledge, dare to change, you will always succeed.”
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