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Thanh Minh: Positively Changed Thanks to Union Activities and Academic Competitions

Once insecure over his appearance and shy to meet strangers, Nguyen Thanh Minh, Deputy Class Secretary of class K23YDK1, is now confident, animated, and energetic. This positive transformation started when Minh entered university and accelerated when he started taking part in Union activities. Let us listen to what Thanh Minh has to say to understand this likeable, chubby boy!
Thanh Minh
Thanh Minh, student of class K23YDK1
Due to Minh’s round body shape, the nickname “Chubby” has been following him ever since senior high school. At first, Minh was saddened to hear his friends call him with “Hey, Chubby!” And then at some point Minh started feeling self-conscious. This lack of confidence made Minh become timid, until he started at DTU. Encouraged by his lecturers and the students in higher years to take part in Union activities of class, faculty, and university, he tried and he was hooked right away. Minh took part in many activities, such as the program to welcome K25 freshmen in Medicine in 2018, the event “Prom: The Halloween Night” held by the DTU Faculty of Medicine Union in 2018, and the charitable program “Plentiful Mid-Autumn” held by the DTU Faculty of Medicine Union in 2017. With each activity, Minh felt himself growing up and gradually changing in a positive way. Now he is more animated, positive-minded, social, and self-confident.
Actively joining Union activities furthermore allowed Minh to hone teamwork skills, work organization and management skills, and communication skills, allowing him to grow even more.
Thanh Minh
Thanh Minh (leftmost) won a prize at the 2018 National Chemistry Olympiad
Dreaming of becoming a skilled doctor
Ever since he was a child, Minh has been nurturing the dream of becoming a medical doctor. He always made himself strict study plans, especially for the subjects he would need for admission in medicine. Besides school and home study, Minh also took extra classes to improve his knowledge. His efforts and diligence were rewarded with admission to the DTU major of General Practitioner.
For Minh, the study environment at DTU suits his orientation and aspirations. The university makes conscientious investments in infrastructure and creates optimal conditions for students to study, research, and innovate to their heart’s content. The program for General Practitioner Minh is pursuing has specialized English training as a highlight. This is very important for Minh, to improve his English and to freely consult documentation. From his first year to his current fifth year, Minh’s study results have been quite good, with summa cum laude three years and magna cum laude one year. With such study results and with his unceasing efforts, Minh is confident that is his dream of becoming a skilled doctor will come true.
Thanh Minh
Thanh Minh and his friends during an internship at Danang C Hospital
Discovering oneself through contests
His timidity and his fear to leave his comfort zone made Minh’s past rather bland. When he started as a DTU student and started joining in Union activities, Minh became more open. He resolved to step outside his comfort zone to discover his potential through participation in contests where he had an opportunity to immerse himself in practical reality, test his abilities, and extend his network by meeting and exchanging with many youths from all over the country to swap study and research experience. The results Minh managed to set down through such contests are:
? second prize at the 2018 National Student Chemistry Olympiad,
? exemplary student of DTU in the 2017–2018 academic year,
? third prize in the Medical English contest by the DTU Faculty of Medicine in 2019,
? first prize at the 2021 Student Scientific Research Conference.
Thanh Minh
Minh with his friends when he won the Medical English contest in 2019
Minh’s idol is the physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking and the story of his life, his talents, and his willpower have encouraged Minh a lot. When learning about Stephen Hawking, Minh always feels like he has but to keep his optimism and faith in life to grasp the dreams he has been working for, however distant those dreams may seem.
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