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DTU Signs an Agreement with the Hoiana Integrated Resort

On December 19, the DTU Institute for Hospitality & Tourism Education & Research signed a comprehensive agreement with the Hoiana Integrated Resort in Quang Nam province. 
Under the agreement, DTU will support the Hoiana Integrated Resort with: trained staff to meet Hoiana’s special requirements; qualified staff will be awarded appropriate DTU certificates according to Hoiana standards; DTU will conduct the necessary market and social research and transfer the technology to Hoiana for research and supplemental applications; partners will jointly organize conferences, recruitment programs, professional counseling services and topical seminars on developments in the Hospitality sector; DTU will provide administrative services in the management of human resources and musical and other social activities; DTU will involve Hoiana in the annual Job Fair; enable Hoiana to participate in student startup and consulting projects. 
Tru?ng Ð?i h?c Duy Tân ký k?t h?p tác toàn di?n v?i Khu ngh? du?ng ph?c h?p Hoiana
Hoiana awards DTU Hospitality student scholarships of $5,000 each per. Photo: N.T.B
Hoiana Integrated Resort will support DTU with: recruitment opportunities for part-time, full-time work or internships; training programs for DTU students to improve their skills according to agreed standards; participate in regular meetings for students to share their experiences, at seminars, workshops and conferences; participate in lecturing the newly planned courses; give DTU priority in the Hoiana waste management project; and provide student training onsite at Hoiana.
Hoiana will award DTU Hospitality student scholarships of $5,000 each per year to disadvantaged students and those with the highest academic results.
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