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Talk with Young Reporter from Kontum

For those who are dynamic and enthusiastic, journalism is an ideal job. Such is the case with Trinh Tat Thanh.
Trò chuy?n v?i nhà báo tr? t? Kon Tum
Reporter Trinh Tat Thanh
Loving to analyze and process information in order to bring a multidimensional perspective on the realilies of life, Thanh chose to study Literature and Journalism at DTU. He is currently a reporter at Kontum News.
Reporter: Why did you choose DTU to study Literature and Journalism? 
Trinh Tat Thanh: Journalism is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous jobs since journalists may encounter a lot of difficulties while collecting information. However, it is also a job that brings pride; so if you are passionate, you can pursue it till the end. 
My decision to study at DTU was the same, because I had found it a suitable educational environment to help me pursue my passion for journalism. In addition, Da Nang is a young and vibrant city with a lot of multi-dimensional information, which offers you opportunities to become familiar with the press environment.
Reporter: Did you have any difficulties in getting a job after graduation?
Trinh Tat Thanh: That was a hard time for me, as most press agencies only look for well-experienced reporters and journalists. So it is understandable that fresh graduates are likely to be turned down. Moreover, I also had to compete with many other graduates from other universities. 
Those difficulties could not discourage me, though. After 4 years of studying, with my knowledge, skills and a little luck, I got hired at Kontum News. If you put all your effort into meeting the requirements of the recruiters, nothing is impossible. 
A long time ago, my friends sometimes asked me if I would stay in Danang to develop my career. However, I still chose my hometown, where I have grown up. In addition, the most important thing is to bring information to the people. The remoter the place, the more help is needed from reporters and journalists.
Trò chuy?n v?i nhà báo tr? t? Kon Tum
Reporter Trinh Tat Thanh (middle)
Reporter:  How did the knowledge gained at DTU help you with your career?
Trinh Tat Thanh: Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, particularly those who are new to the field. Fortunately, the specialized knowledge gained at DTU has helped me a lot in my career. 
At DTU, I was able to study in a dynamic and interesting environment with specialized subjects such as: Journalistic Laws, Online Newspapers, Broadcasting, and Television, and essential journalistic skills such as interview techniques, quick note-taking, taking photographs, recording, filming, reporting and so on.
Basically, DTU has equipped me with the necessary knowledge for my career. And I had to gain practical experience by myself, since we cannot get it at school.
Trò chuy?n v?i nhà báo tr? t? Kon Tum
Trinh Tat Thanh at work
Reporter:  What should be added to the training program to keep pace with current trends?
Trinh Tat Thanh: In my opinion, the strong development of online advertising websites and social networks, such as Facebook, Zalo and so on, has created new channels to communicate and access information. This is a challenge but also an opportunity. If you make good use of them, reporters and journalists can fully present their work to readers.
In order to catch up with the diverse development of information channels, every university should focus on improving the skills of collecting, analyzing and processing information from social networks.
Furthermore, as the press is getting more and more ways to disseminate information, such as newspapers and graphic newspapers on websites, graduates in Journalism should master many skills at the same time, such as writing, taking photos and filming, especially with smartphones.
Reporter:  What are the career prospects of this major?
Trinh Tat Thanh:  In my opinion, the Literature and Journalism major can lead to a wide variety of jobs, which means you can work well even in related fields. Still, you should focus on the in-depth knowledge and skills of Journalism. You will be able to succeed in other fields if you master specialized knowledge and skills, see what you are capable of and understand the reality of the job.
Reporter:  Can you tell us about your job at Kontum News?
Trinh Tat Thanh:  I’m currently a reporter at the sociopolitical department, mainly to collect, process, write and publish information. I usually go to remote areas to collect and confirm information and to communicate with the locals to have them give their opinions and wishes and also to speak about “hot” social issues in order to find solutions. 
As a connection between the authorities and the people for a better life, reporters and journalists play an important role in raising awareness and in helping people have a multidimensional perspective on life in society. 
- Thank you.
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