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DTU Students Participate in Blood Donation Day

On June 8th, the DTU Youth Union partnered with Danang Hospital to hold a blood donation day to increase student community awareness.
Le Kim Thao from the DTU Faculty of Tourism gives her blood 
With the message "A drop of blood you give, a life stays", the blood donation program at DTU is held three times a year, demonstrating the responsibility and enthusiasm of the DTU students and lecturers.
DTU lecturers and students on Blood Donation Day  

At this time of the year, most students have completed their credits and begin their summer vacation. Today, however, they queued early in the morning to give blood. 

Le Kim Thao said: “I realize that donating blood is healthy for the providers as well as for the recipients. It is wonderful to participate in charitable activities like this. We hope DTU will organize many more social activities for us so that we can give help to people in need.”

In all, 400 units were donated, which are to be transferred to the blood bank of Danang Hospital to help patients in need.

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