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DTU Students Launch the 2016 Youth Month

In line with its plan to organize more extra-curricular programs and activities in Danang, the DTU Youth Union inaugurated the opening of the 2016 Youth Month and the Green Sunday Campaign at South Hoa Khanh on February 28th, which was attended by members of the Danang Youth Union and many DTU students.    
DTU commits to conducting more youth activities
Students recounted the famous Youth Union tradition of welcoming in the month of March, in commemoration of the 85th anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh Youth Union. They were determined to encourage student enthusiasm and awareness and demonstrate their responsibility to protect and develop Vietnam. 
 DTU students perform Green Sunday

A committee of fifteen DTU faculties signed a commitment to plan, organize and conduct extra-curricular activities. Representing all DTU unionists, Do Nguyen Khoi, Secretary of the DTU Faculty of Pharmacology said: “Students must do practical work to prove their awareness and responsibility to society by helping to build and maintain Danang as a modern and civilized city.  All students and faculty members must give more and more support to our community and more actively contribute to the development of new, special youth activities.”

Students launched the first Green Sunday campaign by cleaning up residential areas in South Hoa Khanh and participating in the activities of Youth Month. These included the DTU Men’s and Women’s Volleyball Tournament, the DTU Miss Fashion Contest, the Danang Youth Health Festival and the Admission Ceremony for new union members.

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