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Blood Donation Day at DTU: Sharing is receiving

On January 19th, the DTU Youth Union partnered with Danang Hospital to hold a blood donation day, to assist the sick and increase student community awareness.  

 DTU students queue up to donate blood 
Over the years the regular blood donation program has always attracted large numbers of students. Early in the morning, staff and students queued to donate. Ngo Ngoc Linh, a student of K18PSU QTH2 said: “This is the third time I have participated in the DTU Youth Union blood donation. Initially I was nervous but after becoming familiar with the program, I now realize that it is healthy for the providers as well as the recipients. The body quickly replaces the donated blood and it allows patients to overcome diseases. So this a wonderful opportunity!”

 Doctors and nurses take blood from students
About one thousand people gave blood and 297 units were collected, demonstrating the responsibleness and enthusiasm of the DTU students. The message they wanted to share is “With our blood we give can help others have a happy life.” 

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