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DTU Blood Donation Day at the Beginning of the New Academic Year

On September 30th, the DTU Youth Union partnered with the Danang Hospital to hold the third Blood Donation Day of 2015, with many students, lecturers and staff gathering early in the morning to contribute. 

Students undertake a health check before donating blood 

Over the years, the DTU Youth Union has pioneered blood donation days and charitable activities in general. This was the third time that Ngo Hoang Cam Nhung, a student of K20PSU QTH2, had donated blood. She said: “I have learnt that giving blood is good for my health. It means much to me, as I can also save lives”.

The event draws a large number of DTU students

In all, 438 units were donated, demonstrating the affection, compassion and responsibility of each of the students and other donors for needy patients. 

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