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DTU Blood Donation Day

On January 8th, the DTU Youth Union partnered with the Danang Hospital to organize the first 2015 blood drive, with 700 student, lecturer and staff donors.
DTU students give blood
Students have gathered early in the morning to give blood. Nguyen Ho Thien Nga, a K20 student of Business Administration said: “I once had an accident and waited for volunteers donating me some blood. After that, I could understand the value of donated blood to hospital patients and that has taught me the importance of sharing my valuable resources with others of our community in need.”
Doctors take blood from students

The 520 units donated could save patients’ lives. This program was also a way for students to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Vietnam Students’ Day.

DTU Blood Bank Club was officially founded to provide a means of supplying blood to patients immediately and is a very convenient way for DTU students to help others.

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