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The DTU Trade Union Meets with Underprivileged Faculty and Staff

On January 20th, the DTU Trade Union presented gifts to twenty-five DTU faculty and staff members with financial hardship. Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost, Mr. Phan Van Son, Head of the DTU Trade Union, DTU lecturers and staff attended.
Mr. Phan Van Son addresses the meeting
As Tet approached, the DTU Trade Union gave Tet gifts and train tickets to twenty-five needy DTU faculty and staff members, and support for accommodation to another six. Mr. Phan Van Son said: "It is not only support from the DTU Trade Union which will help you all, but also the concern of all the DTU faculty and staff. Although you may still go through many hardships, the DTU Trade Union will contribute what they can to help you overcome it."

Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co added: "Although our contribution is minor, it demonstrates the concern of your colleagues. The cooperation between all DTU faculty and staff members will help us to overcome our obstacles and challenges. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of our founding, the DTU Board of Provosts and the DTU Trade Union will continue providing you with further support so that you can keep working for the good of DTU in the future."

The meeting ended with best wishes for a New Year full of happiness, success and prosperity for all.

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