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2013 Closing Party Conference

On January 11th, DTU held the 2013 Closing Party Conference and developed plans for 2014. Attendees included Mr. Pham Xuan Thu, a member of the Party Executive Standing Committee and Head of the Hai Chau District Propaganda and Training Department of Hai Chau district, Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, Party Committee Secretary and DTU President and Provost, and DTU lecturers and staff.
Mr. Ngo Van Dung delivers a speech at the conference
Mr. Ngo Van Dung, Party Committee Deputy-Secretary, presented a report on the positive aspects of implementing Party Committee resolutions at DTU over the past few years. The DTU Party Committee has understood and implemented Party and State resolutions and worked with the DTU leadership to carry out duties, meet targets and achieve encouraging results. In addition, DTU lecturers and staff have always worked together and trusted the DTU Board of Provosts in order to strengthen the Party Committee even further. Consequently, DTU has suggested to the Party Committee of Hai Chau district to acknowledge the motto “In 2014 - A Strong and Efficient DTU Party Committee.”
Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co awards Certificates of Merit to six strong and efficient Party cells

Mr. Ngo Van Dung proposed plans, directions and duties for 2014. As planned, DTU will continue to deploy policies and resolutions of the Party, according to State law, in each Party cell. It is necessary to strengthen tasks concerning political thought and check on and supervise the implementation of political responsibilities. DTU has established twenty targets in order to welcome in the 20th anniversary of DTU’s founding. The DTU Party Committee also set objectives for 2014, such as completing recruitment goals for the 2014 academic year, establishing a strong and efficient Party Committee and Trade Union meeting the approval of the Danang Labour Union.

In the 2013 closing report and plans for 2014 plans, the conference recognized the contributions and suggestions of members in DTU Party cells. Mr. Pham Xuan Thu, a representative of Hai Chau district said: “Although there were some problems affecting the implementation of Party projects in 2013, DTU has worked to become an institute recognized for its strong and efficient Party Committee. In the future, there will be more changes, problems and challenges, but we believe that DTU will complete its duties and successfully achieve its proposed objectives in 2014.”

Six typically strong and efficient Party cells and six of the best Party members in 2013 were recognized and presented with awards by DTU Party committee.
Addressing at the conference, Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co emphasized: “The maturity and development process of the Party parallels to DTU’s founding and development process. As we enter the 20th anniversary of our foundation, every Party member and every individual in DTU must unanimously try harder to make the motto “The Duy Tan Dream - Let’s Broaden Our Intellect for a Brighter Future” come true.
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