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DTU Students Take Part in Tree Planting Activities

Following President Ho Chi Minh’s advice to plant trees and responding to the Danang community’s campaign to “Build A New Countryside”, DTU students planted thousands of trees in the Hoa Vang district of Danang on January 4th.

DTU students take part in the tree planting activity
At the beginning of the tree planting day Mr. Doan Xuan Hieu, Deputy Secretary of Danang asked the Youth Union to develop their community consciousness and spread the word about why we should plant, care for and protect trees to protect our environment as our climate is changing. He emphasized that: “Actively participating in planting trees demonstrates the character young Vietnamese people in Danang and elsewhere. With your enthusiasm and strength, you are the driving force in improving the appearance of our country areas and the city of Danang.”
DTU students planting trees

DTU students worked with the Youth Union members to plant trees along many streets in the Hoa Vang district of Danang. They cleverly and quickly began planting neat rows of straight, green trees. Although they were sweating and spattered with dirt, they were smiling and excited.

Nguyen Hoang Gia Anh, of the K18-QTH1 class said: “We are happy because this is a great way of reminding everyone about the importance of protecting  our trees, improving the appearance of our city and making it environmentally friendly. At the same time we are able to learn how to work in a team and get to know each other.”

Through such volunteer activities in our community, DTU students contribute to the development of Danang to become the most livable city in Vietnam, demonstrating that DTU’s younger generation is confident, active, creative and living for the community.
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