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Blood Donor Day at DTU

On September 20th, the DTU Youth Union collaborated with the Danang General Hospital to hold a “Blood Donor Day”. This was the first one of the 2013-2014 year. With the motto: ”Giving Blood is a Kind-Hearted Thing To Do”, the event drew a large number of DTU lecturers, staff and students.
 DTU students have check-ups before donating blood
Nguyen Dinh Loi from the K18 CSU XDD class said: “I feel so happy that the blood I gave can save the lives of patients who desperately need it. I have already given blood many times. I felt so nervous the first time but now I’ve got used to it. I’ve also found that my health has improved since, so I will participate next time too.”
This was the first time that Ms. Le Thi Ha, from the DTU Center for Sports and Art, had donated blood. She said: ”I was a bit nervous at first as it was slightly painful but I’m comfortable now. Actually, the doctors advised me not to give blood because I’m so small. However, I always thought that my blood could help save the lives of sick people, so I tried to persuade the doctors otherwise. After a check-up, they allowed me to give blood ”.
DTU students happily receive Blood Donor Certificates

The event also drew the attention of neighbors and drivers. Mr. Cao Van Thuong, from Quang Binh Province said: “As I passed DTU, I saw students giving blood. I thought that this was very humanitarian, so I registered to donate blood too”.

Dr. Tran Thi Thuy Hong, from the Danang Hospital, said: ”DTU is a pioneer in holding blood donation days. The enthusiasm of the students proves the humanitarian spirit and responsibility of the youth of DTU towards the local community. We are very pleased to collect 250 units of blood and it will all be transferred to the blood blank to assist patients with serious illnesses.”

Blood donation is an important way of restoring hope and belief to seriously sick patients. The blood DTU students have given today demonstrates the affection, compassion and responsibility of each of the student and other donors.

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