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Hundreds of DTU Students Donate Blood

On January 9th, responding to the motto: “Donate blood - Bring hope” and also to commemorate Students’ Day, the DTU Youth Union collaborated with Danang General Hospital to hold a Blood Donation day at the 182 Nguyen Van Linh campus. This was the first blood donation of 2014, and drew hundreds of students.

Many DTU students volunteer to donate blood  

Since early morning, students queued to register. They eagerly and happily waited to help others in the local community, knowing that their donations would bring hope to the unfortunate.  

Happy DTU students at the event  
Phan Thi Hai Yen, a student of K17 QTC4, said: ”I am so happy to donate blood, as I know my small contribution may save the lives of poor patients who are really in need of it. Also, my donation makes me more aware of why we should share our lives with the disadvantaged”.  Dang Ngoc Hieu, a student of K19 XDC, added: ”I am happy to participate in this charitable activity that helps to raise my social responsibility. I would like to take part in many more DTU activities so that I can contribute more to society.”

Blood Donation Day is an annual activity of the DTU Youth Union. With 638 units donated and sent to blood banks at the Danang General Hospital, young students at DTU want to share something with the community to better their lives.
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