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DTU Youth Union donates gift to Nguyen Thi Diem, a cancer patient

On December 30th, DTU Youth Union visited and donated eight million to Nguyen Thi Diem Hang, a student of DTU Faculty of Architecture who is being treated at Danang Cancer Hospital. The DTU Volunteer Club also gave her a million to help her overcome difficulty.
Nguyen Thi Diem stays in Danang cancer hospital for treatment

She has to leave university and went to Danang Cancer Hospital to receive cancer treatment. The chemotherapy made her weaker.

Receiving the donations of the DTU students, her grandmother said: “Our family is grateful to DTU students for their support. Many lecturers and students in the DTU Faculty of Architecture have come to the hospital to encourage her. Hopefully, she will be better after the treatment and go home to enjoy the Tet holiday.”
 DTU Youth Union representative donates gift to Nguyen Thi Diem
Previously, the story of Nguyen Thi Diem's suffering from cancer was posted on www.dantri.com.vn to appeal to benefactors for their support to help her continue to be treated and make her dream come true.
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