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DTU Students Dedicate Time to the Green Summer Volunteer Campaign

From June 20th to 27th, one hundred DTU students participated in the annual Green Summer Volunteer Campaign, in the Dieu Phong hamlet, in the Hoa Nhon commune in the Hoa Vang district. 

DTU students 
This event enables students to make a significant contribution to community development and broaden their practical experience. In the course of one week, the volunteers worked with the locals to build a 230 meter concrete road, repair electrical equipment, teach children, educate local women in reproductive health, arrange community music shows and so on. 
DTU students build a road

DTU students presented gifts to five impoverished households and thirty more to local pupils with excellent study achievements.

Volunteer charity work has always attracted a large number of DTU students. Phan Khanh Ly of K20YDH1 said: “In joining the 2016 Green Summer Volunteer Campaign, we all want to share our knowledge, skills and gain experience. When looking at the new road we built for the locals, I felt happy that I had been able to make a small contribution to improve the day-to-day lives of the rural people. It was a memorable trip and I will take part in this campaign again next year because I want to expand my teamwork and social skills and assist in community development.”

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