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“Electronic Doctors” Bring Hoa Phong Residents Happiness at Lunar New Year

Words of encouragement and useful gifts donated by “Electronic Doctors” of the DTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering brought New Year’s happiness to the residents of the Hoa Phong commune in the Hoa Vang district of Danang.
DTU Students donate gifts to Hoa Phong families

Located far from the city center, Hoa Phong is one of the poorer communes in the area and the home of many families with economic difficulties, elderly people living alone and Heroic Vietnamese Mothers. Lecturers and students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering immediately set to work cleaning houses and repairing electronic devices for the residents of four hamlets, Thach Bo, Duong Lam, An Tan, and Tuy Loan Dong 2. They skillfully replaced dangerous wiring and electrical connections and sockets and repaired broken rice cookers, televisions and speakers that had been broken for many years, so that the owners could use them again over the Tet holidays.
Repairing electric wires and sockets for poor families

“Understanding and sharing people’s hardship helps us be conscious of our responsibility to the community and feel more compassion for them”, said Nguyen Cong Tin of K18EVT. “Repairing their electrical devices also helps us to practice our jobs and encourages us to learn and research more. By offering the ‘Electronic Doctors’ program, our lecturers make contributions and students sell key chains for additional income, to increase the number of trips and help  more and more needy country families.”

2017 is the fourth year of the program. The Faculty has more charitable programs and activities on its agenda, not only to help the in the community but also to give students the opportunity to improve their skills.

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