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Overseas Studies Festival and IELTS Practice Testing at DTU

An Overseas Studies Festival with IELTS examination practice was held on April 6th.  Organized by the DTU Center for Enrollment and Communication in collaboration with the Tree Academy from Ho Chi Minh City, the event was aimed at students from local high schools and universities.  
Students attending the Overseas Studies Festival and IELTS examination testing
The first event of this type was attended by students from Le Quy Don High School for the Gifted, Phan Chau Trinh High School, Tran Phu High School, the Thai Phien High School and university students from the University of Education, the University of Technology and the University of Foreign Language Studies. The Tree Academy explained the teaching systems of developed countries and the requirements needed to study in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
DTU and Tree Academy representatives
The DTU Overseas Studies and On-Site Study-Abroad linking programs have developed significantly over the past few years and students participating in the Festival were offered a variety of choices. Among these were the 1+1+2 programs with Lorain County Community College and Green River College; the 2+2 programs with Purdue University, Appalachian State University and Medaille College; and the 3+1 program leading to a UK diploma at Coventry University. The On-Site Study-Abroad program (4+0), in collaboration with Upper Iowa University (US) is a new alternative. 
DTU has also made agreements with reputable universities worldwide to share advanced academic programs to broaden the education of students. DTU partners with Carnegie Mellon University, one of the four leading IT universities in the US, with Penn State University, one of the leaders in Business Administration and with California State University in Construction and Architecture, which is one of the leading public universities on the American west coast.
Parent and student questions on the most suitable university to choose, based on student capability and cost, on how to prepare application forms and apply for student visas were answered by DTU and Tree Academy staff. Students planning to study overseas were advised on study methods, on how to improve their English and how to obtain international scholarships.
A free IELTS practice examination was held in the four skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking for 70 students, in order to get them acquainted with the duration, rules, question formats, evaluation criteria and the examination format, which resembled a real examination. They then received their results by email one week later, although, at the end of the actual exam, the examiners were able to provide each of them with a quick evaluation and feedback, to identify their strengths and weaknesses and ways of overcoming them.
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