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Study-Abroad and On-Site Study-Abroad Programs at DTU

Traveling thousands of miles abroad for studying is no longer the "deluxe" dream that it used to be. Now students can start that journey by beginning to study for an international degree right here at DTU at a reasonable price. DTU has been steadily expanding its Study-Abroad programs, the 2+2, 1+1+2 and 3+1, over time and is introducing the new On-Site Study-Abroad program, 4+0, with well-known universities in the US and UK. DTU is doing its utmost to broaden student horizons, to satisfy their thirst for even more knowledge.
In late 2014, DTU partnered with Upper Iowa University (UIU) to offer Bachelor degree courses at DTU only, with American accredited degrees conferred by UIU. UIU is the second largest university in Iowa, with twenty locations in America, Hong Kong and Malaysia. DTU is the first UIU affiliate in Vietnam to offer the joint 4+0 program. Students will study all 4 years at DTU. All subjects will be taught in English, with seventy percent of the courses taught by UIU lecturers at DTU and the rest by other visiting English-speakers. Accreditation will be granted using the Regional Testing System of North and Central America.
Du h?c và Du h?c t?i ch? t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
The signing ceremony for the joint-degree program
Dr. William R. Duffy II, President of Upper Iowa University, the opening event, expected to gain significant achievements through the DTU partnership. He said: “Collaborative relationships have provided international students with great opportunities to obtain the highest quality American education. Arriving in Vietnam, we are very excited to be working with DTU, and firmly believe that there is no better educational partner in Vietnam at this point in time for us. DTU’s outstanding commitment to academic quality and its institutional values reflect exactly the same commitments and values that UIU ascribes to, a quality education, top service to students, and caring. This commitment is evidenced by the recent Government Medals awarded to DTU by the State President. UIU has a motto, “Changing Lives, One Student at a Time’ and we do that by ensuring a quality education and always focus on the future success of our students. I have no doubt our partnership will do great things for Vietnam, the US and the world.”

When they enroll in the American accredited 4+0 degree program at DTU, in 2015 and 2016,  students will pay only $2,500 per year. This fee is very reasonable in comparison with the $25,000 annual fee for study at Upper Iowa University, or for any other similar programs in Vietnam.
Du h?c và Du h?c t?i ch? t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
DTU students engaged in outdoor activities in America 

As well as the new American accredited degree program, DTU has collaborated with several other well-known universities in the US and elsewhere to offer students joint degree programs, including the 1+1+2, 2+2 and 3+1 programs. Lorain County Community College was the first to partner with DTU by offering the 1+1+2 program in 2010-2011 and was honored to be ranked as the #1 community college in Ohio by the Ohio Board of Regents Service Expectations Committee. Enrolling in the 1+1+2 program, students will spend their first year at DTU and their second year at Lorain County Community College. For the third year, they will be able to transfer to top universities in Ohio, including Ohio University, Ohio State University, Cleveland University, Toledo University and others.
More new study-abroad programs have been offered to DTU students since then. DTU has collaborated with Appalachian State University and Medaille College to develop the 2+2 program. In this program, students will spend their first two years at DTU and transfer to Appalachian State University or Medaille’s Buffalo campus to complete the last two years. Appalachian State University is best known for its focus on teaching quality and is recognized as the third-ranked member in the University of North Carolina system. Medaille College provides the lowest priced Bachelor degree programs in Buffalo, New York, using the foremost regional testing system. These partnerships will give DTU students the opportunity to experience American higher education and a new culture, with many extracurricular activities.
In addition to American study abroad, the 3+1 joint-program with Coventry University in the UK has been offered at DTU since June 2012. Coventry University is ranked 27th in the UK, with 16,500 students, including 3,500 international. Every year, senior faculty of Coventry University come to DTU to talk about the 3+1 program and answer questions relating to accommodation, part-time jobs and English language requirements. The university is currently welcoming the very first DTU students who have completed their first 3 years at DTU and are transferring to Coventry University for the final year of the joint program.

Students of these DTU programs will earn degrees granted by American or British universities and also enjoy some preferential policies. Students of 2+2 program at Appalachian State University will pay only $19,000 per year. Those enrolled in the 3+1 program will pay about 17,000 USD for their final year at Coventry University with the opportunity to receive a $1,500 scholarship with a GPA of 3.3 or higher. For the 1+1+2 program at Lorain Country Community College, DTU students will pay only $3,800 per year, while local students must pay about $7,600. At these universities, DTU students can stay in a dormitory, get a part-time job and work in the USA for 1 year after graduation.

Huynh Thi Hoai Ngan, a DTU at Appalachian State University, is comfortable with her decision in choosing the 2+2 program. She said: “You must come here to experience the value of learning abroad. Studying at Appalachian State University is a wonderful experience and I thank DTU for providing me with such a great opportunity.”

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