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DTU Meets with Coventry University for Information Session on the 3+1 Program

On March 26th, Mr. Michael Barker, a Senior lecturer in Accounting, in the Department of Economics of Finance and Accounting at the Coventry University Business School in the UK visited DTU. He provided DTU students with detailed information on the 3+1 Program that has been offered to DTU students since June 2012. Coventry University is officially welcoming the very first students who have completed their first 3 years at DTU and are transferring to Coventry University to study for the final year of the joint program.
Mr. Barker talks with DTU students about the 3+1 program

The meeting was an opportunity for DTU students to gain information and ask questions to prepare themselves for their year in England. Mr. Barker talked about Coventry University, which is located right in the heart of the country and is considered to be one of the most convenient places to study in the UK. Students can visit the cities of Birmingham, Northampton and London easily when they are based in Coventry.
Coventry University is a progressive, modern university whose roots can be traced back to 1843, to the Coventry School of Design. High-quality teachers and graduates, strong links with industry and an innovative and dynamic approach to learning are just a few highlights of studying there. The University has established a longstanding relationship with many world-famous local businesses, including Proctor and Gamble, HP, Ericson, Jaguar, Business Link and so on, in order to broaden career opportunities for graduates. The University’s city-center campus is continually developing and evolving, and a £165 million-plus investment in a new student center, an engineering and computing building and a new science facility is playing a key role in modernizing the entire learning experience. The university has 16,500 students, including more than 3,500 international ones. The university has just received a Guardian award for best-ranked University in graduate employability, with an impressive 94% of students obtaining jobs or moving on to further studies upon graduation.
 DTU students at the meeting
In addition to answering questions relating to the 3+1 program, Mr. Barker commented on the search for part-time jobs and English language requirements. He said: “Nowadays, it is not easy to find a good job that is conformable with your major, so it can be a long and tough process. We will help you with any problems to enhance your job-hunting and self-confidence. You must take intensive English courses to improve your English right now so that you can achieve your best results at Coventry University and do well in your future careers.”
Nguyen Ha Ngan, a DTU Business Administration student, said: ”Mr. Barker told us all about the key issues of concern, such as accommodation, part-time jobs, English language requirements and the climate in the UK. His visit has increased our confidence and awareness about transferring to Coventry University after our first 3 years at DTU. Students of the 3+1 program have always been very concerned about their English language capabilities so we must improve our English quickly to fully meet his requirements.”
Under the 3+1 academic collaborative agreement between DTU and Coventry University, DTU will transfer students from the General Education and Core study programs to study a selected major in English. Students may attend the university in Singapore or Coventry and earn degrees granted by Coventry University in Business Administration, Finance and Banking, Accounting, Hospitality or IT. Students will have the opportunity to receive a £1,000 scholarship if their GPA is 3.3 or higher.

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