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DTU Students Can Now Benefit from a Bachelor Degree Granted by an English University, Thanks to the 3+1 Program

The signing ceremony of a new 3+1 program collaboration between DTU and Auston Institute of Management, Singapore - the collaborative partner of Coventry University UK, took place at DTU on June 14. Attendees included Mr. Le Cong Co, DTU Chairman & Provost, Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Vice-Provost, Mr. Michael Lin, the Auston Institute of Management’s Director, Mr. Cecil Lim, a Management Consultant to the Auston Institute of Management, the DTU faculty and students. The program enables students to get a Bachelors Degree granted by a university in England at low cost.
The signing ceremony of the 3+1 program between DTU and Auston Institute of Management
Dr. Le Nguyen Bao said “In recent years, DTU has partnered with many famous American universities, such as CMU, PSU and CSU. The 3+1 collaborative program with Coventry University through Auston Institute of Management will open more opportunities for students with limited financial resources to make their dreams to study abroad come true. After the first three years of study at DTU, they may transfer Auston Institute of Management to finish their degree course or Coventry University in the UK. Their qualification will be awarded by Coventry University”.
As agreed by the both parties, DTU will transfer students who have completed their first three years at DTU to Singapore or Coventry University in England. They will spend the last year at one of the two institutions to get their Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Administration,  Accounting & Banking, Tourism or Information Technology.
Mr. Michael Lin, Auston Institute of Management’s Director added “Danang is the first location that the Auston Institute of Management has decided to expand to. We offer students lots of benefits, as the institute has a long history, renowned academic programs, at lower cost tuitions than other overseas programs. Moreover, our collaborating university, Coventry University, is ranked as the top 65th universities in England”. This collaboration enhances DTU’s strategy to give Vietnamese students access to the latest academic programs internationally.
Concerns about ensuring affordable costs while studying overseas will no longer be a problem. It will cost only US$8,000 for students to study in their final year in Singapore and just £9,375 in England. As a result, more DTU students may be able to study and work abroad.
Previously, DTU offered the 2+2 program (two first years at DTU and two final years in America) in collaboration with Appalachian State University and the 1+1+2 program with the Lorain Country Community College (LCCC). The official signing for 3+1 program now confirms DTU’s commitment to expand its university partnerships worldwide.
Retraction Statement
The above statements were made erroneously, citing organizations who are not party to the agreement. This has caused undue confusion and friction between groups.
We, Auston Institute of Management and DTU, immediately and unequivocally retract these statements and apologize for their publication. We confirm that no agreement exists between Coventry University and DTU. The prior statements were made without the knowledge of Coventry University.
The above statements indicate that an agreement was signed with Coventry University, UK. However this is not the reality. Auston Institute of Management, Singapore is a collaborative partner of Coventry University, for delivery of their courses in Singapore.

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