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New 2+2 Year Degree Program in Conjunction with Medaille College at DTU

Duy Tan University has developed created many new specialized programs and dual-degree programs with some of the world’s leading universities, especially American ones, in order to expand its multinational partnerships and to offer the most advanced academic programs to its students. On June 5th, DTU announced a new agreement with Medaille College, with a 2+2 year degree program in Accounting and Business Administration.
 The signing ceremony between DTU and Medaille College
Medaille is a multi-level, multi-discipline college with three campuses, in Buffalo, Amherst and Rochester, in western New York State, founded in 1937. It is known for its international quality education and flexible delivery systems and is committed to serving the higher education needs of a diverse regional student population.
Dr. Le Nguyen Bao and representatives of Medaille College
Through the new 2+2 year degree program, DTU students will spend their first two years at DTU studying general subjects and English. Then they will transfer to America to complete the final two years of study for a Bachelor’s degree from Medaille College.
Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Vice-Provost said: “Understanding students’ expectations of advanced education, DTU has collaborated with many well-known American universities such as CMU, PSU and CSU to “import” their advanced academic programs. DTU is also the official representative of famous universities and colleges worldwide for study-abroad programs such as the 1+1+2 at Lorain County Community College (in Ohio, America), the 2+2 at Appalachian State University (in North Carolina, America) and the 3+1 at the Auston Institute of Management (in Singapore). The partnership with Medaille College will provide DTU students with study-abroad opportunities that match their personal financial situations. This will be an ideal opportunity for DTU students to study at one of the leading American universities and further their future careers.”
We are very excited about the opportunities this partnership will provide for both the Vietnamese and American students. With the highest quality of education and study environment and over 80 years of development, Medaille College will provide Vietnamese students the opportunity to experience an insight into the American higher education system and culture. In return, the program will provide American students the chance to learn from their Vietnamese classmates. The partnership will provide a valuable experience for all.”, said Dr. Richard T. Jurasek, President of Medaille College.
There are many advantages for students who enroll in the 2+2 year degree program at Medaille College. The institution has experienced significant growth over the past 80 years and is well-known for its high quality of education, with tuition fees and living expenses that are significantly lower than many other study-abroad programs. The belief that it is prohibitively expensive for Vietnamese students to study in America will be changed when they first enroll in specialized and dual-degree programs at DTU.
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