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Tran Thien Vu - “Opportunity Will Always Come To Those Pursuing Their Passions”

Our first impression of Mr. Tran Thien Vu in the interview was his confidence and friendly voice. He will be the only DTU representative to participate in the Global Community Development Program (GCDP), to be held by AIESEC in Malaysia in June. This international internship will be an opportunity for him to broaden his studies and prepare him for his future career.
Tran Thien Vu, a student from K16 NAB2 in the DTU Department of Foreign Languages

Tran Thien Vu is a student from K16NAB2 of DTU Department of Foreign Languages. At DTU, Vu has had many opportunities to participate in national and international activities. The dynamic and modern study environment at DTU has gradually allowed him to get involved and demonstrate his abilities.

During his studies and many voluntary activities, Vu heard about AIESEC and was surprised to be the only DTU intern in Malaysia this summer. He said: “I have been interested in studying English since I was young. That was the reason for my decision to enroll in the English Translation and Interpretation course at DTU. The modern facilities, qualified local and foreign lecturers at DTU, combined with innovative teaching methods are big advantages that help me improve my English and acquire better communication skills in English by talking with native-speakers”. 

It will be a great opportunity to intern in June. Mr. Vu was introduced to AIESEC by a friend at a voluntary event. He eagerly decided to register immediately. First of all, he searched for information about AIESEC and the internship requirements. He found it interesting and was able to meet the requirements, so he decided to apply.

Thien Vu wisely decided to enroll at DTU, because it seemed to be the ideal study environment to arouse his creativity and passion for knowledge, offering many opportunities for students to exchange ideas, practice independently and also learn many other things from outside sources. It was a special honor to be selected by AIESEC, surpassing other applicants from local universities. From 24th June to 5th August, the GCDP will offer students the opportunity to gain practical experience and make a contribution to a local Malaysian community. He said: “In Malaysia, I will be working on a project to teach and take care of street children”. My English will be an advantage to communicate and share my experience with the Malaysian children”.

Vu has spent time practicing independently at DTU for this, which will lay the foundation for future success in other international activities. “The internship in Malaysia will help me improve my communication skills and experience. In addition, this will be an opportunity for me to talk about DTU and the culture of Vietnam to people abroad”, said Vu. His hard work resulted in the internship, which was a great honor for Thien Vu and a source of pride for other DTU students. He still has many future goals. This achievement will be an inspiration to him in the future, with his belief that: “Opportunity Will Always Come To Those Pursuing Their Passions”.
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