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Term Closure and Student Prize Giving for On-Site Study-Abroad Program

On January 29th, 2016, DTU hosted the First Term Closure and Outstanding Student Prize Awards ceremony of the On-Site Study-Abroad program. Dr Nguyen Tan Thang, Deputy Director of the Socioeconomic Development Research Institute and Head of the External Relations Department at DTU, lecturers and students attended.
Prof. William R. Duffy II, President of Upper Iowa University
Mr. Nguyen Huu Bang, Head of the On-Site Study-Abroad program, presented his report at the end of the program’s first term. 2015 - 2016 is the first year that DTU has offered the On-Site Study-Abroad program (4+0) in collaboration with Upper Iowa University. The students study in a dynamic and modern environment with professors and lecturers from Upper Iowa University, as well as expert teachers at DTU. They also participate in extracurricular personal development activities. At the end of the first term, almost all of students have scored at least 3.0 points in the credit system, moving up from a sufficient to an excellent level, demonstrating the quality of the program and the students.
Nguyen Huu Huy receives an IELTS scholarship
“This result is a reward for your efforts throughout the first term,” Dr Nguyen Tan Thang told the students. “One of the most important requirements is English skills. In the On-Site Study-Abroad program, all subjects are taught in English and by Upper Iowa University lecturers. This is why you must all invest more improving your English, in order to meet the program requirements. The On-Site Study-Abroad program will offer you the opportunity to work in Vietnam or abroad.”
DTU awarded prizes to outstanding students in the program, to encourage and incent them a thirst for study. For example, Nguyen Huu Huy, student of Business Administration scored of 6.0 in the IELTS exam and won a scholarship of 4.7 million VND. This is noteworthy, as Nguyen Huu Huy has not yet finished her first year yet, but has already exceeded the minimum of 5.0 required by Upper Iowa University.
Happy with his result, Nguyen Huu Huy explains, “Today’s prize is a motivation for me to work harder. Meanwhile I would like thank to the DTU Board of Provosts, who have always taken an interest in us and created the best study conditions environment for us and to our teachers who have been dedicatedly guiding and helping in our studies.”
With their efficient study methods, students of the On-Site Study-Abroad program have already achieved much on their quest for knowledge. With their tenacity we can be confident that they will succeed in their studies and careers and realize their dreams.
DTU officially launched the On-Site Study-Abroad program - studying in Vietnam, obtaining a US degree - in collaboration with Upper Iowa University (US) at the start of the year 2015-2016. With this agreement, students of this program will study a full four years at DTU and obtain an Upper Iowa University Bachelor’s degree. Provided are the programs of Business Administration, Financial Management, Information Technology, and Information Systems. The students are taught in English, with over 60% of the load taken up by teachers coming over from Upper Iowa and the remaining part by Vietnamese and foreign lecturers provided by DTU. This program of studying in Vietnam and obtaining a US degree enjoys regional accreditation by the North Central Association - the highest form of educational quality accreditation in the US. During their studies, students will have the opportunity to take part in a “Discovery Semester” to experience one semester in the US, Hong Kong, or Malaysia, to help them improve their English and to discover the colorful cultures of the world. With the globally valuable Bachelor’s degree Upper Iowa provides, graduates can expect a lot of opportunities for employment and development in the country or worldwide.
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