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The First Business Relationship Committee Conference

As the success of most businesses results from the hard work and creativity of its employees, companies always pay high-quality staff well. However, it is difficult for companies to find high-quality workers. Many graduates have not been well-qualified. On August 16th, DTU held the first Business Relationship Committee Conference.

Distinguished teacher Le Cong Co addresses the conference

Mr. Nguyen Quang Thanh, General Director of the Software Technology Company said: “At present, human resources cannot meet the needs of the Information Technology industry. Students cannot find jobs because of intense competition among software companies seeking good people. Consequently, universities need to focus on improving the education of foreign languages and soft skills. They should develop new teaching methods and research and teach key topics relevant to the industry such as Financial Software and e-Government, to be implemented by 2020. They should also forge strong relationships with local companies to help students find jobs more easily.” 

Mr. Huynh Tan Vinh, long-time General Director of the Furama Resort in Danang, really understands the problems recruiting good candidates. He said: "Many graduate students who majored in Hotel Management are just given simple jobs, such as opening lift doors for guests and pruning trees. So they don’t gain any experiences from their internships. Hotels and resorts are being constructed faster than ever in Danang, so, three years from now, 20.000 new employees will be required. However, universities will only be able to supply about 20% of these. More than ever, the connection between universities and businesses becomes vital. Universities must have programs to satisfy the job market and, meanwhile, companies must supply recruiting information and job requirements to universities, so that students can learn from practice and find job more easily when they graduate.”    

Mr. Huynh Tan Vinh, General Director of the Furama Resort addresses the conference

Mr. Nguyen Phu Tan, Director of the Truong Hai Auto Company explained his recruitment criteria for new graduate students. One of considerations for employing staff in key positions is their academic record. Consequently, in the training process, DTU needs to be known by local businesses a university which is improving teaching methods, teaching presentation skills, training students how to apply for jobs, sharing experiences with them and always listening to the needs of local business. 

The first Business Relationship Committee Conference was an interesting one. Businesses shared information about their development processes, introduced their products and formed relationships with DTU to research and develop new products. There were many funny lessons about the development garbage trucks and water pumps over the past 100 years at the An Sinh Xanh company and how new technology and attracting good employees helped the Rang Dong Light Source And Vacuum Flask Company to grow fast. There were also valuable ideas about how to improve the standard of education and research at DTU, according to its slogan “We Do Everything for Student Rights and Their Future Careers.”

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